Photo: Unboxing of Nokia Sleep (Nokians, Nokibar)

Nokia Sleep is the latest product presented by Nokia Health. It is great for sleep and heart rate monitoring during the night, especially for people that do not like wearing watches or bands when they go to sleep. Sleep can also be connected to smart home appliances and control them over the IFTTT apps. The first batch of Nokia Sleep pad was sold out in a matter of hours, and a new batch is available in their online store for €99.95.

Guys from got their hands on Sleep and did the unboxing. You can check some photos below, and you can see more of them at

Also, Sleep is being sold well around the world, and someone from the Chinese Nokibar forum unboxed it also. Check out their photos down below.

If you are interested in Nokia Sleep, you can find it here for €99.95.