Nokia published their annual report, proposed dividend for 2017 and announced the Annual General Meeting

Nokia Corporation announced that it released the Annual Report for 2017 that has of the details of what (and how) the company did during 2017. The report covers interesting details like revenue or employees split by geographic locations, detailed analysis. financial data and so on. The report also mentions HMD and phones, but doesn’t give the precise data about how much did HMD pay Nokia in royalties, which is an usual business secret so it wasn’t really expected.

It’s interesting that Nokia stated that HMD had “limited supply for critical components whcih resulted in reduced sales” for some devices in some location. That would definitely explain the troubles HMD had with bringing the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 to market, but it isn’t an excuse. Additionally, Nokia says that “licensing the brand could—in cases where the licensee acts inconsistently with our ethical, compliance or quality standards—negatively affect our reputation and the value of our brand”, which is true, but that’s why there are quality controls conducted by Nokia and Nokia Technologies CEO sitting at the board of directors of HMD.

Nokia announced that their Annual General Meeting with shareholders will take place on 30th May at 2pm local time. There, shareholders will have the opportunity to confirm the 19 euro cent dividend per share that the Board proposes for 2017. You can find details about the Annual Genera Meeting here.

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