Livermorium F(x) could be the Nokia E7 successor a lot of us have been waiting for

Nokia E7

Nokia has a strong legacy of producing QWERTY phones, especially the ones that were used to be called “Nokia Communicator”. As a former Nokia N97 mini owner, I still like the idea of QWERTY keyboard being placed below a touchscreen. The last device, that can spiritually be called a Communicator was the Nokia E7, the device every Nokia N97 and N97 mini owner aspired to (C6 owners as well ;)).

A company called Livermorium is working on a modern slide-out QWERTY smartphone, that has some similarities to the iconic E7. Not only in its similar sliding mechanism, but also some engineers that worked on the original E7 are with Livermorium creating what they call F(x).

On the official phone page ““, we can see a sketch of the F(x) with the text “Function is key”. In math, F(x) reads as “function of x”, so it’s a nice way packing the most significant feature (the “functional” keyboard) into the name of the phone.

F(x) with E7 and N950

Photos of F(x) prototypes were released, including the photos of the QWERTY keyboard and a comparison shot with Nokia E7 and Nokia N950 (developer version of Nokia N9 with keyboard). The photos were sent, as far as I understand, to subscribers to Livermorium’s newsletter that wanted to track progress of the development of the phone. The phone looks sleek and very attractive from these angles, while the keyboard looks impressive.

The whole keyboard thing also reminded me of a concept I recently saw on Twitter showing how a “bezel-less” design could be achieved by moving the front camera to a QWERTY keyboard slider. Chinese manufacturers are already using sliders to hide the front camera and Livermorium is bringing the QWERTY keyboard back, so maybe the way to 100% display to body ratio is QWERTY keyboards?


Anyways, Livermorium F(x) is scheduled for announcement in Q1 2019, so we should hear more about this product soon. You can check their official site here.