Feel the Nokia vibe from 2012 in this episode of Nokia Chronicles

The brilliant Aussie duo behind the Nokia Chronicles podcast project made another outstanding episode. Adrian and Justin seated two ex Nokia guys that were involved in Nokia from 2010 till the end of the Devices and Services department & beyond. Tom Masset, a former Nokia, Digital Marketing and Social Media guy and John Kneeland who is also a former Nokia and Product Manager guy opened up and shared their memories of Nokia, of working atmosphere. They also gave some valuable insides from the era when Nokia was trying to change. I really enjoyed listening to every minute of the two-hour episode full of inside information since I remember making the same conclusion about what was going on but from bits and pieces of info from the outside world.

Tom quite nicely explained what was going on, what problems did Nokia have, and why Nokia Mobile can’t do things Nokia did before. After listening to Tom, you’ll get an idea why we are seeing Nokia devices like they are today. John was right on spot also, and was among all the other things, talking about the Nokia N1 tablet, super popular Nokia Z launcher and why all of that failed eventually.

I know that 2 hours of your life can be spent on much better things and a better way definitely, but if you are a true Nokia fan or aficionado or just a person that wants to hear why everybody from the Nokia comms hated Dean Pattrick, then connect to your BT headset, fill up that 3.5 mm hole with a stereo headphone jack and enjoy.

Click this photo, just do it.

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