Nokia pushed the optical cable limit with its Photonic Service Engine 3

Shannon limit is the theoretical maximum capacity of the channel in bits per second, and Nokia just came close to it with Photonic Service Engine 3. The Photonic Service Engine 3 is the super-coherent digital signal processor that implements the probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) or the patterns that light forms within the cable.

So, Nokia’s processor creates intelligent patterns that increases the capacity of the cable by 65% more than currently deployed networks. The best thing about this is that the energy consumption is reduced by 60%. This can be used both for on land and submerged networks and that will result in overall cost reduction.

Check out two great promo videos from Nokia that explains the technology much closer.


All of these breakthrough technologies that Nokia has been pushing lately is mostly coming from Nokia Bell Labs, a department that came to Nokia after A-L was acquired.  If we all just count the tech that Bell Labs brought to Nokia, then the acquirement of Acatel Lucent was definitely a good thing to do.


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