Review: Mozo cases for Nokia 5

Mozo got its name by producing good looking and solid cases for Nokia Lumia models. The recently introduced Nokia collection of cases Mozo offers looks interesting, especially the “sand” models. Mozo sent us few cases for Nokia 3, 5 and 6 and down below you can find our thoughts about the leather flip cases and ultra slim “sand” cases for the Nokia 5.

Ultra Slim cases for Nokia 5

The ultra slim cases Mozo offers for Nokia 3, 5 and 6 are probably one of the few cases I would enjoy the wear on my device. I know it’s stupid and careless, but I don’t really like cases on phones. The reason are that the phone looks uglier and thicker. The ultra slim cases change that, for real, at least from my subjective perspective.

The ultra slim cases, objectively, add minimal bulk to the phone. As the name says, they are thin and light. More importantly, they feel solid and the phone looks good in them. I tried scratching them with different object a phone might usually end up with in a pocket like a coin or keys and the “sand” color doesn’t peel off and no visible marks were left. I didn’t test how the case performance in extreme falls, but it should partially protect the device. I say partially, because some parts of the device cannot be protected if the device falls under a particular angle.

That’s also the biggest downside of these slim covers. The protected the right side, corners and partially the left side where the buttons are stationed. The top and bottom, apart from the corners that some would argue are most importantly to be protected, are not protected by the case and could get damaged if a nasty fall happens that impact them. Good thing specifically about the Nokia 5 is that the plastic antenna lines wrap the top and bottom, and by design it should lower the damge the phone takes.

Leaving some sides unprotected is the compromise Mozo made for a slim and good-looking case. The Nokia 5 looks as beautiful with the Ultra Slim case as without it, which is something I won’t say easily. Especially if you chose the case based on the color of you device. For example, my favorite is the sand grey color and that case makes a great combination with black and blue Nokia 5 versions. The darker sand blue and black colors make excellent contrast with the silver Nokia 5. I didn’t have the opportunity to see which colors would make a good fit with the copper version of Nokia 5, but I guess you cannot go wrong with black.

Ultra Slim Sand Blue and Sand Black

Sand Black for Nokia 5: €16.90

Sand Blue for Nokia 5: €16.90

Ultra slim Sand Grey

Sand Grey for Nokia 5: €16.90


Flip cases for Nokia 5

The leather flip cases Mozo offers for the Nokia 5 look good and feel good. The texture of the both, black and cognac leather, is, expected, leather like. It’s made from vegetable tanned leather that feels close enough to real leather for the price, while the inside of the case is microfiber. The case is slim and light for a flip case, and doesn’t add a lot of bulks to the phone compared to regular flip cases.

Nokia 5 leather black flip case

Leather black flip case: €27.90

Inside, there is a place for one credit card, so this flip case really cannot replace your wallet. There is a cutout for the front speaker on the cover, so there is no need to keep the flip case open while doing phone calls, but that’s something most, if not all cases nowadays feature.

Nokia 5 cognac leather flip case

Cognac leather flip case: €27.90

As a guy that’s not fan of cases, especially flip cases, I was surprised finding that I like the ultra slim (sand grey in particular) cases Mozo offers. I can really see using the case as an everyday companion with the Nokia 5 and it will be interesting to see how the case will endure over time. Regarding the flip case, I don’t really like flip cases in general, but I didn’t find any problems using the phone in it for few days. The lack of a proprietary magnet (lock) that secures that the flip cover doesn’t accidentally go off from the device might be a turnoff to some, but I didn’t have any problems without it.

If you’re interested in buying a Mozo case for you Nokia Android device, you can check the whole Nokia collection here.

If you have any questions, or want to share your experience with Mozo on Nokia 5 (or other devices), leave your comments down below.