HMD submitted design patents for 2 new Nokia devices

HMD Global submitted five new design patents to European Union Intellectual Property Office. The patents are for two different devices, the first under the number(s) 004692184-0001/0002/0003/0004, and other under the number  004692218-0001. Design patents for both devices were submitted on 2nd February this year. No other details are known.

In other news, regarding our previous article about HMD owning some technology patents, we confirmed with Nokia that under the original patent agreement, Nokia divested a portfolio of patents to HMD Global. As usual, the terms of the transaction remain confidential between the parties. According to EPO, HMD currently owns 34 technology patents. Considering that over a year passed from HMD’s operation start, there is a possibility that there are even more patents, but they didn’t yet appear in patent registers.

It’s a good sign when HMD submits design patents to EUIPO, because it means new device are coming. We are expecting to see a lot of new devices in 2 weeks at HMD’s MWC2018 conference.