Nokia jumps from 335th to 188th place on Brand Finance list for 2017

Nokia made a significant progress on Brand Finance’s top 500 most valuable global brands list in 2017. In 2016, Nokia was No.335 of Brand Finance’s list, with a brand value of €4.4 billion. That was enough for Nokia to secure the top spot in Finland. The report for 2017 puts Nokia at the 188th place.

Nokia’s brand made a significant jump last year of almost 150 places. The complete Health portfolio and Nokia-branded devices most certainly contributed in the rise of Nokia’s brand value on Brand Finance’s list.

According to Brand Finance, world’s most valuable brands are: Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and Facebook, in that order. In the category brand strength, the strongest brands are: Disney, Visa, Ferrari, Neutrogena and Facebook.

This is the second great news for Nokia today, after releasing the Q4 and full year 2017 financial report that drove the shares up above 10% in New York and Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Source: Brand Finance