Backcover photos of unknown Nokia device surface online

We know that for 2018, HMD is preparing a lot of interesting device that will carry the Nokia brand. Rumors mention the Nokia 1, 9, even 10, and we also saw signs of existence of a Nokia 4 and 7 Plus. Now, on Chinese forum Baidu appeared what seem to be photos of the backcover of an unknown Nokia device in different manufacturing stages.

From the pictures, we either see the same device in 2 manufacturing stages or 2 different Devices. The camera housing looks like the one on the Nokia 7, and on one photo we see the microphone hole. It’s hard to estimate the size based on the leaked photos, but on one picture the device seems rather tall. This device can basically be any one of the rumored devices, like Nokia 1, 4, 7 Plus, or the successors to Nokia 3 or 5.

HMD recently announced the new Nokia 6 (2nd generation), but only in China. Maybe with the global debut of the 6 2018, probably next month, we could see some of the rumored phones from HMD’s workshop as well.


Note: This article was published yesterday, but because of a server error it was deleted, together with comments. We are genuinely sorry about that. :/