Nokia’s former HQ changed its owner (again)

In 2012, Nokia decided to sell its headquarters building located in Espoo, Finland, as a part of the financial reconstructing of the company. Nokia remained inside and pay the lease to Exilion, that bought the building(s) from Nokia for €170 million. In 2014, Nokia Corporation moved out from the “Nokia House”, that was renamed to “Microsoft (Mobile) House” or Microsoft Talo. Microsoft (Mobile) left the building in 2016.

Exilon announced that they sold the property to a fund managed by Deutsche Asset Management for €164 million. DAM is a part of Deutsche Bank Group. The second most wicked (or ironic or funny) thing my mind can connect with this story (and HMD in general), after Elop being the owner (which he is not), is that HMD moves its HQ to that Building. At the moment, that is unlikely because HMD has less than 1000 employees globally, while the former Nokia House could house several thousands of employees.