Monika Maurer is leaving Nokia. New COO is Joerg Erlemeier

In this dynamic time Nokia become more dynamic. If one is not constantly improving itself, then it cannot strive. Nokia’s COO, or Chief Operating Officer Monika Maurer is leaving the company after just 8 months in that position. Nokia appointed Joerg Erlemeier (almost like the flask, ha ha) as the new COO. Monika Maurer will stay and support Elemeier during a transition period, and then pursue new opportunities elsewhere.

Elemeier is Electronics and Telecommunications engineer that came to Nokia over 20 years ago. His previous position was COO of Nokia Networks and for a brief period he was head of Nokia Transformation division.

With this change the Nokia Group Leadership teim will consist of following members: Rajeev Suri, Basil Alwan, Hans-Juergen Bill, Kathrin Buvac, Ashish Chowdhary, Joerg Erlemeier, Barry French, Bhaskar Gorti, Federico Guillén, Gregory Lee, Igor Leprince, Kristian Pullola, Marc Rouanne, Maria Varsellona and Marcus Weldon.

We wish all the best to Monika Maurer and to new COO Joerg Erlemeier.

Nokia Press