Nokia can help digitize hospitals

The digital hospital, digital technology in hospitals, IT, mobile technology… the question is can someone connect all this terms into the health care of the future, or even better the hospitals of the future. Actually, this isn’t so distant future since hospitals and healthcare in general can be digitized.

I’ve been chatting with my friend, who is a physician in a Clinical Hospital Centre here in Split, Croatia, about what digital solutions would make his work easier and how can modern technology digitally transform hospitals. So, he mentioned that he would like to be connected with various departments over one console, check his patients over tablet where he could immediately see the changes written down by digital personal cardboard (or what is it called) … So, there are many things that can be done right now to help physicians in the hospitals do their job easily and efficiently. Nokia has just published a small digital ebook “The Digital Hospital” where it shows how could experience in hospitals be better for patients, practitioner and healthcare IT.

I don’t know if this can be achieved in Croatia soon or ever, but if any doctor is reading this here is a link to the ebook.