Nokia 7 not coming out of China anytime soon

I think that many of you would love to get a new Tesla model 3 by the end of the year, but that just isn’t possible. The same goes for the Nokia 7, brand new Nokia phone that HMD launched few weeks ago in China. At another event where HMD unveiled its cheapest Nokia device, the Nokia 2, Pekka Rantala, HMD’s CMO, told to the Indian Experss in an exclusive interview, that Nokia 7 won’t be hitting Indian market any time soon. It seems that Nokia 7 will stay a bit longer an exclusive for the Chinese market since that market didn’t get the Nokia 8. It seems logical since Nokia 7 has almost the similar features like the 8, that is already available in the Indian market. The only thing different is the price which is evidently lower for the 7.

Maybe HMD plans to push the Nokia 7 globally at MWC, or they are planning on bringing a bit renewed model for the global market like they did with the Nokia 6.

Anyway, keep saving for the 8, or go with the 6 and wait for the next generation of the Nokia smartphones. 🙂


Thanks Deep for the tip. 🙂

  • Stinger

    I have a strong feeling there will be a global Nokia 7 announced at MWC 2018.

    Until then, I’ll keep saving for the 8. And a wallet/case. And a Steel HR. And one of those cool speakers. I’ll be the biggest Nokia Nerd here in St. Lucia.

    • That’ll be severe delay again.

      • Stinger

        Let’s hope not. HMD seems to have the distribution part right these days.

  • Kunal Choudhary

    Do not disappoint, Please launch Nokia 7 soon in India.

  • Lawrence Jerome Braganza

    I had this strong feeling that nokia 7 would be releasing only next year, when it was launched in China recently. I hope HMD doesn’t delay the availability like nokia 6.

  • Gerrard Jr

    nokiapoweruser says the opposite…
    which one to believe🤔🤔🤔

    • Yes, just saw that… I don’t really know, everyone has some source. I’ll check with mine :).
      But, if you reason this, the decision to keep 7 exclusive for China is not crazy at all since it would kill the sales of the Nokia 8. 7 has all the things 8 does and it is much cheaper. I believe that 7 could be announced few months later, like global version of the 6 was. So, sometimes in January 2018? But then they can wait till MWC.

      HMD is dead accurate in its strategy and don’t believe they will do any differently.

      There is a chance also that someone didn’t speak with Rantala at all 🙂

      • Gerrard Jr

        nokia 7 could be a hit in India if they launch it now…but after 3-4 months…idk

        • Ok, so I checked around and found out that HMD will stay focused on the Chinese market with Nokia 7 being an exclusive for next few months.

          As I said earlier, Nokia 7 and 8 have similar features but the price set them apart which is great for Chinese market which needs quality mid range devices. If Nokia 7 would be released right now in EU, Nokia 8 wouldn’t sell that great.

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