Rumors: #Nokia China suggest new #HMD #Nokia phone(s) on 28th December this year


A strange rumor, with strange evidence to back the claim up, comes from the Chinese social network Baidu. It seems that Mike Wang, president of Nokia China, announced in a group chat with his employees that HMD will announce a Nokia-branded phone on the 28th December this year.

“Nokia greater China President Mike Wang (English name Mike Wang) in the Nokia app within the company group to my colleagues broke the new phone of Nokia in mainland China starting next week, indirectly confirmed the December 28 HMD, Jingdong jointly publish rumors.
Although Mike Wang is part of the network sector, but for the future terminal of Nokia’s brand sales in China, planning also involved, Mr Mike Wang visited the province this year, mobile, Unicom, Telecom lead, also have said they want them for Nokia brand phones to give some support.” – original poster on Baidu (using Bing Translate)

Mike Wang is well known to us for claiming that new Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets will be announced by the end of 2016. The end is near, and Mike Wang again expects new phones.

After doing a literal translation of the screenshot above, we could argue that the 28th December announcement could be an internal presentation, but maybe the phone is already presented to the Board of Nokia China, and on 28th December will be announced publicly? It is unknown if HMD will announce (or internally present) a new smartphone or tablet or feature phone, or announce the new Nokia 150 for the Chinese market. Also, there is always a strong possibility that all this info is fake. Luckily for us, the end of 2016 is in less than a week.



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