How to un-freeze and factory (hard) reset #Nokia #Android devices

Sometimes we encounter problems on our mobile device that cannot be solved by changing some settings, uninstalling an app or restarting the device, but the only option left is to da a hard (factory) reset.

Restoring back factory settings erases all data from the device so the first thing to do is a backup of all data that’s stored on the device. The simplest way is to connect the device to a PC and copy folders you want to restore after the update. If you have all your photos and documents stored on MicroSD, then there is no need for copying it. The same applies if you are using the cloud, just make sure that everything is synchronized before proceeding with the hard reset. I also recommend keeping the automatic back up on in settings for personalized information, games’ progress and so on. Importing contacts from phone storage to Gmail is also something I would recommend.

When you have all your data safe, it time to do the hard reset. To do a factory (hard) reset on your Nokia 6, and every Android device out there, you have to open Settings->Reset->Factory data reset. The phone ask you for the last time are you sure, because the process erases all your data, and maybe will ask you for a PIN too, if you have one set up on your lockscreen.

If your phone is frozen (blocked), hold the volume up and power button until it restarts (soft reset, no data lost), and then you can access settings and do hard reset.


The whole process takes maybe 5 minutes, and after that, the phone is ready for a fresh set up. Android is smart enough to automatically register your country and the official languages, and it sets that language as a default so you don’t get lost if you, for example, bought your phone in China, but don’t know Chinese.

The thing I recommend in general to do when you are first setting up your phone is to check Settings->System updates if a new update is available, and after that sign in with your Google account and update all the apps that come pre-installed on your device. The checking for system updates I advise if you just bought the phone and you’re doing the first set up. If you already own the phone, and you want to do a hard reset, it will reinstall the same version of the OS you have, and that’s also the latest one.

Now the device is ready for new installations, additional tweaks and everyday usage. Hopefully, the problems you had before, if you had any, are fixed too.

If you have any advice or you need help with your device, please let us know in the comment section down below. 🙂

Update: Instructions for Nokia devices with Android Oreo and how to enter recovery mode can be found HERE.

How to: Enter recovery mode, hard reset or un-freeze Nokia smartphones with Android Oreo