GSMArena reviews the #Nokia 5, and it’s g00d

After reviewing the Chinese version of Nokia 6 and the global version of Nokia 3, GSMArena now reviewed the Nokia 5.

The Nokia 5 scored pretty good on GSMArena’s review, that was titled “Numb3r5 don’t lie”. The main shortcomings of the device are 2GB of RAM (, that is now the line below Android phones can’t go if they want to be usable), 16GB internal storage with 9GB usable, no USB Type C and no quick charge support.

Considering the price point of the device (€189), it’s no surprise the device comes with no USB Type C and no quick charge support.

GSMArena mostly likes the design of the 5, with few legitimate things they criticize: it looks a little bit more generic compared to the 6, is very slippery, and they don’t like the camera/flash assembly, that take too much space on the back, and I agree to that.

The 5 is equipped with a good display, too. GSMArena’s test say the phone has a higher sunlight contrast ratio than the 6, meaning good sunlight readability, considering how good the screen on the 6 is.  Color accuracy is described as pretty decent.

Camera on the Nokia 5 has no particular flaws, according to GSMArena, meaning that HMD did a good job in terms of 5’s camera.

You can check the review in detail here.