#Nokia analyzes the crowd: Predicting behaviour and helping partners

Pymnts reports that Nokia is gearing up to launch a new product called Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight scheduled for Q3 this year. The software behind the new product uses machine learning and big data collected from mobile operators to track subscribers and analyze their behaviour for better context.

Partners using Nokia’s Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight will get precise data about customer behaviours, and can use that data to create better ad campaigns, better deals, form more attractive prices depending on people’s need and even for better traffic organization.

Shelley Schlueter, head of Analytics Marketing at Nokia, in an interview for Pymnts said: “What we do with our [Crowd] Insight is give retailers the information and the context that they couldn’t get before by accessing a continuous flow of data from network operators.” It’s good to note that Nokia won’t harvest any new type of information from users, but only use the information operators are collecting for years. Schlueter points out a study Nokia did where the company increased the number of visits to a local mall for 40%, just by right ad targeting. There is also a video explanation of this technology that can be seen down below.


Even though it sounds scary, collecting and analyzing crowd behaviour will in the end also benefit the end user. If we have to constantly be attacked by different ads, at least Nokia will try to make these ads relevant to our needs. I personally don’t like sharing any private information with Companies, but in this case operators are already tracking our movement so we don’t really have a choice.

You can read the whole article about Nokia’s new product at Pymnts.com or visit Nokia’s official site to learn more about the new offering.

What do you think about this new Nokia product? 🙂

Thanks Marty for the tip. 🙂