Official: #Nokia 3310 available by #Axiom Telecom in #Saudi Arabia and #Bahrain

After officially going on sale in Poland, Nokia 3310 (2017) is now available in Saudi Arabi and Bahrain from Axiom Telecom. Axiom mentions on its webstore that the new 3310 is in stock and available for purchase for a converted price of €49, just like HMD recommended.

Apart from the sole fact that the 3310 went on sale, a positive thing is that HMD is building relationships with operators, what will be benefiting the sales of Nokia devices, especially the higher end ones, and in case of Axiom, it is amazing that the telecom offers the device for the same price HMD announced on MWC2017, that is €49.

HMD’s executives numerous times said that the phones will be available globally day one, which means in the same time in all markets, so we encourage you to check with your local operators if they are carrying the new 3310. Also, send us a tip if you find it 🙂

via: NPU

Axiom Nokia 3310


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