#EU to grant €2.6 million to fired #Nokia workers

The Euopean Commission, Union’s top body, proposes a 2.6 million grant to fired Nokia workers in Finland to help them start new companies, invest in further education etc.

European Globalization Adjustment Fund (EFG) is  where the money will come from.  After acquiring Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia announced that some layoffs had to be made, and almost a 1000 workers in Finland lost their jobs.

It’s also good to remember that Nokia has its own “Bridge Program” that helps ex-employees find new jobs and finance startups that the laid off workers decide to found.

With the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia doubled its workforce to over 100,000. It’s interesting that only 3% of people currently employed by Nokia where there before the sale of the Devices and Services business to Microsoft in 2013/2014.

We always feel sorry for those who lose their jobs, and we hope they will get back on their feet fast, or maybe start a new company like the guys from Jolla did. The ex-Nokia community also started “Nokia People“, an initiative that aims to connect all people who worked or are working at the moment for Nokia, and share Nokia’s goals in making the world connected and a better place to live.

Source: Yle

via: NPU


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