#Nokia and #T-Mobile achieved near #1Gbps speed over LTE network


Back in September 2016, Nokia launched the upgraded version of 4G networks, or 4.5G and 4.9G networks. Those are going to be an intro to the 5G network, which is planned to begin somewhere in 2018. In the past few months Nokia deployed its 4.5G network technology to some operators, among which is T-Mobile USA. With combined efforts, Nokia and T-Mobile managed to achieve the LTE speeds of near 1 Gbps using the multiple Nokia technologies. It is good to mention that at the current settings LTE networks can provide speeds up to 400 Mbps.


With this demo, Nokia is stating that it is ready to help the operators transition towards the 5G, which is the future of mobile networks. This technology definitely gives the T-Mobile advantage over the competition.

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