#Nokia conducted the first commercial #IoT trial using the NB-IoT technology



The usefulness of many devices that we are going to utilise in near future lies in their inter connectivity. But networks should be prepared for the connection of the billion devices to the internet and Nokia is doing quite a good job there. Today Nokia conducted Finland’s first commercial IoT trial using the NB-IoT technology od Narrow Band IoT. The first operator to test it on its 4G network was Finnish Sonera.

During the trial, Nokia used its NB-IoT technology to exchange information on temperature, humidity, and air pressure over Sonera’s 4G network in Helsiki, Finland. Also, Nokia connected a roaming device over the commercial network using the same technology what shows how companies can track their mobile assets, like fleets of vehicles, or for hospital the state of the patients arriving in the ambulance car. To maximize the coverage, the Nokia base station technology used was operating in the 800 Mhz frequency. The devices were communicating at the speeds of 200 kbps what is ideal for short bursts of connectivity needed to send the small amount of data.

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