Is Huawei P20 Pro the Android successor of Nokia 808 PureView?

What do Huawei and Nokia have in common? Well, many things, but then again these two companies are quite different. If you have been following Nokia for a long time you will find some things familiar when looking now at Huawei.

I could say that Huawei, by the way, which is a great company, is what Nokia was a few years ago. It connects, it creates great phones and has probably the best camera phone on the today’s smartphone market.

After the fall of Nokia, actually its Devices and Services department, many of its employees were welcomed at Huawei, and Chinese telecom giant knew how to use them. So, the people like Mikko Terho and Eero Salmelin did the best they knew and started developing new and interesting products for Huawei. But, I’ll come to them later. Huawei now has Huawei Connects event that promotes all things Huawei every year, and that reminds me of a Nokia World event where Nokia showcased all the new products and developments it did in the past year.

Huawei even founded R&D places in Finland, in some Nokia’s former R&D labs, where it harvested all the people that lost their jobs in Nokia. The leader of Huawei’s R&D place in Finland and CTO of Mobile software is a former Nokia Fellow, Mikko Terho who is now also working on Huawei’s own software. Eero Salmelin on the other hand, probably better known as co-inventor of the Nokia’s PureView camera technology, is now head of Huawei’s Imaging and video technology and probably one of the guys behind superb Huawei P20 Pro triple camera wonder.

So, I could dare to say that Huawei is now Nokia, and not only they are No.1 in LTE networks, but also an owner of the best camera smartphone available. If you don’t know, Huawei unveiled its P20 Pro flagship phone that has a triple camera system. One of the cameras has a 40 MP sensor which is a bit smaller (1/1.7”) than the one used in Nokia 808 PureView (1/1.2”), but still larger than the one used today. OK, P20 Pro doesn’t have Xenon flash either, but thanks to its 20MP B/W camera, 8MP telephoto camera, 40MP RGB sensor and AI that can set image perfectly for you, this phone has just set the new camera standard in the smartphone business. And, there is Leica as a well known lenses manufacturer, just like ZEISS.

Maybe we can all say that Nokia 808 PV, together with the Lumia 1020, have been dethroned as the best cameraphones. Well, we still have to see a smartphone with 41 MP sensor and Xenon flash, but from what I see, P20 Pro can take great shots in any light condition. Its camera seems to be complete.

While Nokia is doing great stuff in the networking business and is a good competitor to Huawei, HMD can hardly beat Huawei in technical achievements of its latest phone. Hopefully, HMD will show us some kind of camera monster this year and it will show us what are their plans for the future. But, Nokia is doing great thing with HMD in bringing its name to the rightful place in the smartphone business, and Health devices are helping push the brand closer to the hearts of consumers. And that brings me to one last thing that differs Huawei from Nokia, the community. Nokia has been building its community for a long time and hopefully, it will keep us connected in the future. Huawei maybe connects, but Nokia is connecting people.