Ask anything: Alberto Matrone, vicepresident of Eastern Europe at HMD Global

I don’t know how to put it, so I’ll go straight ahead. Nokiamob got a chance to video chat with Mr. Alberto Matrone, who is vice-president Eastern Europe in the HMD. Actually, he is the main figure responsible for bringing the Nokia devices back to the Eastern Europe, quite big and important market for HMD and Nokia. Just to briefly inform you about Mr. Matrone, I’ll say he started working for Nokia back in 1992 as a After Sales Manager, and after that he advanced quickly up the ladder and at each position stayed about 3 years on average. Last position he had in Nokia was VP of East Europe, and he kept it in Microsoft and got it now in HMD. Check out his LinkedIn profile if you want to know more about Alberto’s background.

So, Mr. Matrone obviously understand this specific market, but I’m quite sure he understands all the other. We obviously prepared some questions, but wanted to give you a chance to ask Alberto Matrone something that you would like to know. Please leave the questions in the comments and we’ll pick up few and ask him.

The interview is scheduled on Tuesday so you have time till Monday afternoon to leave the question 😊.

Thanks for your time 😊




  • Viccky Maurya

    Ask him…
    1. How many units of new Nokia smartphones have HMD sold out?
    2. Will HMD bring android tablets to the market?
    3.PureView like tech in upcoming high end Nokia phones?
    4. Will there be another 41 MP phone with Nokia branding?

    • Great questions, but no way he will tell us that 🙂

      • Viccky Maurya


  • DBS

    I have a question (which can be asked of him though Sarvikas would be the ideal person to answer):

    – Knowing the first people who would look into Nokia’s Android phones and propel the word-of-mouth about Nokia’s return (crucial for HMD to get sales) were the die-hard Nokia fans, does he think it was wise to start with the release of a ton of low end devices and then supposedly “flagships” that lacked all the hallmarks of true Nokia flagships (AMOLED, wireless charging, dedicated camera button, etc)?
    Doesn’t he think the release of fewer but far more packed with features smartphones would have had a better impact on sales and consumer awareness?

  • Shubham Raj Sharma

    Ask him…
    1) For how long they will update their Nokia phones that were launched with Nougat?
    2) MWC ’18 What can we expect from Nokia?
    3) Any plan of bringing Nokia 1100 & 3310 (4G)?

  • Gerrard Jr

    Will we have another camera centric nokia with 41mp?
    It doesn’t matter if its got Snapdragon 630 or 845…

  • 1) Are there any plans of making Nokia smartphones running on Sailfish OS?

    2) What is Feature OS on Nokia 3310 3G? Is it possible to bring back S40 OS or the touch based S40 OS that came on ASHA devices? WhatsApp still runs on S40 OS and that would be a great feature for low end feature phones.

    3) Can we expect a groundbreaking camera phone that will be a true successor to 808 Pureview and Lumia 1020?

    4) SD845 is now official. So, can we expect the 2018 Nokia flagship to come equipped with that Chip?

    5) When will we get the Lumia Camera/Pro Camera UI on Nokia smartphones? Many companies have copied it but its not available on the phones of the company that first made it.

    6) Is HMD Global planning to launch devices like portable speakers, power banks and treasure tag like accessories?

    7) Why not use old Nokia Blue boxes for packaging? The current ones are beautiful but the blue boxes had their own unique style and also those boxes where thick and sturdy.

    • ha ha, I can only ask your questions 🙂 Thx

      • Hehe. Also ask them about how HMD Global is doing? Will they start opening Nokia Priority like stores from next year?

  • Deep Shekhar

    Will Nokia 2 run the Android Oreo(Go Edition) ?

    • Don’t know, didn’t say that. But it is ossible since it has 1GB of RAM

  • Tho M As

    I don’t expect any of the “real” questions to be answered anyway, so just ask him whatever you want. 😁

  • Tarun Suresh

    Ask him if there will be any AMoLED phones and proprietary UX like for eg. Samsung and its Touchwiz.

  • Stinger

    Is it possible or even worthwhile for Nokia to introduce it’s own operating system?

    This question really means that I miss Meego, ha ha. Also tell him great job so far. I’m glad Nokia is back.

  • Manpreet Singh

    Just have him some suggestions. Don’t launch nokia 9 with sd835. Make some innovative devices without caring for price. Just launch nokia 6 2018 with sd625 with 18:9.

  • Fevry Fleurant

    What about a photophone/smartphone with a dedicated button ??
    Why its always so long between an announcement and the real launch on the market? ?
    Did they planed something totally new?something disruptive?