HMD Global will be present at #Berlin #IFA congress

Berlin IFA is so close, and we still didn’t hear anything about HMD Global and Nokia devices being there. HMD has just presented its first Nokia top model and it would be a shame not to show it at IFA, since many competitors will be there. So, I started snooping around and have sent few emails that confirmed the presence of HMD at the mentioned congress. But, HMD won’t be there by itself, but rather with partners like ZEISS and Deutche Telekom that will be showing the Nokia 8 and other Nokia devices to the visitors. Additionally, HMD will make a Nokia House just outside the congress area were invited media will have the chance to mingle with HMD bosses and test the latest Nokia 8. Nokia House will be placed outside the Berlin IFA and you can get there only with invites. I still don’t know if HMD will be showing its phones together with Nokia products which could be rather cool.

Even thought I would love to see more aggressive marketing from HMD Global, especially when big congress like IFA is due, it is good to hear that new home of Nokia devices will be there in some form. HMD Global is a small company with limited budget and rather huge task to do, so I’ll give them more time. Maybe till Nokia 9 arrives.