Check out some more Nokia 8 camera shots (Nokians). Low light shots could be better!

Nicolas from the got his hands on the Nokia 8 and did a short but laudable photo test. He took few shots in different lighting conditions and he used single colour, double and then single monochromatic camera setting. Judging by the photos, Nokia 8 camera isn’t that bad since the contrast is fine, sharpness also and in double mode (RGB + monochromatic camera) Nokia 8 can make clearly better shots than by using just colour camera, especially in low light conditions. The same applies for great and low light shots, but things can be polished a little bit more.

Here are some photos taken by Nokians. More shots you can find at their site and at their Flickr profile you can check the full resolution shots. First photo is RGB, second one Dual and the third one is monochrome.

Here is the low light videp

Also, low light video seems pretty good even though Youtube channel BTekt did some comparison video with Sony Xperia XZ Premium where Nokia 8 camera didn’t do well night or low light shots. But, OIS in Nokia 8 performed much better than in Xperia XZ Premium.

Well, Nokia 8 still isn’t available in the stores and HMD Global will probably polish its camera by the time it comes to the market. The same thing happened with the camera of the Nokia 6.

Thanks everyone for the tip ?.