#Nokia 8 pre-orders started; some offer free Steel watch with the device; available from 6th September *UPDATED*

HMD can’t afford another manufacturing fiasco and big delays for their newly announced flagship, so they made sure that the manufacturing and delivery chains are in place for the launch of the first ever Nokia flagship running Android. In fact, Nokia 8 is already being shipped as we speak, and in Germany pre-orders for the device already started.

The Nokia 8 can be pre-ordered at Deutsche Telekom, Media Markt, Saturn, O2, Amazon and Mobilcom Debitel, but not all operators/retailers have the pre-order page up on their websites. German operater O2, that offered pre-orders for Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 with fair price and JBL Go as a gift, started taking pre-orders for the Nokia 8.

Photo: techbuzzireland.com

O2 offers the Nokia 8 for a total price of €577, which is less than HMD’s expected €599, and also offers a free Nokia Steel watch for those who pre-order the device. The delivery will take place on 6th September, confirming once again that HMD will quickly bring the phone to market.

The phone is reportedly on pre-orders in Russia too, for €575, but I cannot find relevant links. There is a high possibility that other retailers and operators in Europe and above started taking pre-orders for the device, so the best thing to do, if you are interested, is to contact your favourite sales company.

You can find more about Nokia 8 here.

via: ZDNET.de

Update: Russian operator megafon.ru has all 4 variants of Nokia 8 on pre-orders for a price of €573. Check the offers here:


Official #Nokia (online) Store live in #Russia, offering the 8. Other countries coming soon

  • This is a great deal 😊. Won’t come to India with a free steel watch 😜

    • Won’t mind if they launch it in india without that offer but reduction in price equal to Steel Watch. 😛

      • 10k price reduction LOL. That’s not going to happen hahaha. 😂

        • I know, that’s not gonna happen.. just saying..

  • mt

    577€ + a watch valued at 100€ for free could mean it will be sold for 450-500€ in retail soon-ish after release, which is good news. There was the same with the Galaxy S8 where you would get the Gear S3 for free, but only if you pre-ordered for 800€.

    • That’s what O2 offers. They offered JBL GO (cca €20) for 5 and 6. Don’t think everyone will be so generous. Till Christams the price could go to €499.

      • mt

        So the cyberport in germany has the nokia 8 for preorder at 577€. If lumia 930 is any indicator, it was also available for pre-order for 580€ and dropped to 480€ just two weeks later, and to 400€ 4 months after release: https://geizhals.at/?phist=1095640&age=9999

        • That’s great then. 🙂 But the L930 was released 2.5 months after announcement (Nokia 8 goes 3 weeks after announcement) and the demand will play a role. Would be great for customers if the price goes down 🙂

          • Don’t forget that Lumia 930 was a Windows Phone and only fans bought it.
            In case of Lumia 950/950XL Microsoft started offering Lumia 950 for free if you bought a 950XL 😛

  • All 4 variants for the same price?

    The 6/128 configuration too?

  • Stinger

    That’s a fantastic deal! The HR Steel is a great health tracking watch. I wonder if it comes with a tempered blue strap. ha ha