Leak: Nokia 2 caught on camera? (Nokibar) *UPDATED*

This summer will have a great ending. It seems that at Berlin IFA (or earlier at 16th August event) we could see the Nokia 9, 7 and Nokia 2. The last phone should lower the price tag of current Nokia Android phones even more. Nokia 2 should come with 4.7 or 5.0-inch Full HD IPS screen and probably Snapdragon 212 chipset. Now, the prototype of the Nokia 2 has leaked, thanks to the Chinese Nokibar forum on the Baidu. The phone shares similar overall look with the current Nokia phones but is substantially smaller.

The prototype phone looks the same as the sketch Nokibar posted earlier before, which was based on the internal leaks.

Currently, can’t say if this phone will have removable back cover and battery like low end Lumia phones had, but it seems that the back cover is made of polycarbonate. It is nice to see that the opening of the front camera is larger than usual which could suggest more than 2 MP on the sensor. Back camera module resembles to the one from Nokia 6.

Nokia 2 today, potentially passed FCC under the model number TA-1027. The dimensions pictured there do suggest a smaller screen than on the Nokia 3, but also that the phone is ready to be released. This month HMD will make an announcement in London on the 16th, and we can expect the flagship Nokia 8 to be introduced there. There is a possibility that the 2, and others like 7 or 9, could be announced there too, but some rumors suggest that the rest of the lineup is reserved for IFA and a joint announcement with ZEISS.

What do you guys think?


Update: The photos, in fact, were made by the FCC certification team and published as a part of the FCC report about the device. (via: NokiaCamp.com)

  • I like it. It looks clean and simple. Now, will be interesting to see how good the phone will perform and at what cost.

  • Is that front cam opening or front flash?

  • Deep Shekhar

    The pricing should be aggressive…As Nokia 2 is the entry level phone ..it should be brought into the market with an aim to upgrade all feature phones to smartphones.

    Without this aim, the Nokia 2 will bring disgrace to the Nokia brand because the performance will be the poorest among the lot.

    In my view, it should be priced around €49 . With this price, one thing is assured that it will be best selling smartphone of Nokia since 2011 and will help to get huge market share.

    P.S – I wish the Nokia/Hmd can listen to our voices and see our discussions.

  • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

    I think HMD will commit a tremendous mistake if this phone comes with regular Android. It should come with that special version for weaker phones.
    Another huge mistake they are making: there should be at least 2 models betwen the Nokia 6 ant the rumoured Nokia 8. It will be a great discrepancy in specs and price, a huge gap in the all line. The Nokia 6 Arte Black can’t fill it.
    The leader smartphone should come with VR capabilities, in partnership with Nokia Tech and Zeiss. And of course, starting from Nokia 7, all of they should come with OZO Audio.

    • Hemedans

      Nokia 7 will fill that gap, but you are right, 2 model should fill that gap, one perfomance oriented midrange with sd660 and another battery efficiency midrange with sd630/625

      • 660 & 630 only no 625.

    • Muerte

      They are just getting started. One can’t expect “everything during the first year”. Give them a little time – I’m sure the portfolio is about to expand as the company gets things rolling.

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