Leak: New Nokia 8 photos confirm gold-copper color and overall look

If there were some doubts regarding the authenticity of the copper Nokia 8, SlashLeaks brings more photos that prove it is very much real and almost ready to hit the stores. Latest photos confirm the colour and the new shape of the fingerprint scanner which is a bit extended in height than at the first leaked photos of the Nokia 8. It is nice that people with low vision can set their smartphone display immediately after the device is turned on. One thing lacking on this photo is the Nokia and Zeiss logo at the back. Actually, Nokia logo is being darkened, but ZEISS logo is still not printed on. So, this could be the same batch of early preproduction models. I also added two photos I found on the Baidu that show Nokia 8 turned on, and that it has a hybrid SIM port.

A lot of people are concerned about the big bezels this phone has, and think maybe it is not so modern. But, as we can see today, there are two distinguished phone designs, one with bezels seen at various (top) models of Huawei, Meizu, OnePlus(5), Xiaomi and Sony, and bezel less seen at top models of  Samsung and LG. Nokia 8 is much needed now, and maybe it is good to go with classic design. Nokia 9, if there will be 9, could bring bolder design lines and with it some technological advancements.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments. 🙂


Thanks Dheeraj Lochab for the tip 🙂