Front panel of #Nokia 9 leaks!? ZEISS branding location known?!

Every day more and more information about the upcoming Nokia flagship is getting leaked, suggesting that the device could soon be announced. After seeing a protective cover yesterday, that confirmed all we know so far about the back of the alleged Nokia 9 (or 8), today, allegedly, photo of the front panel of Nokia 9 was leaked on the web.

The photo was found by VTechgraphy on Nokibar’s forums on Baidu and partially shows a front panel that is similar to the panel found on Nokia 6, 5 and 3, thus further convincing us that this could be a Nokia device. The photo has smudges, probably to protect sensitive information and we can see the speakerphone grill and the place for the fingerprint sensor. A fairly large opening for the front camera, and a hole beneath the speakerphone grill that could be for the usual sensors. Don’t want to go far on this claim, but maybe the upcoming Nokia flagship will feature an Iris scanner? There is no way to confirm this claim, but who knows?

It’s also hard to guess the screen size from the leaked front panel, but it seems bigger than the rumored 5.3-inches. The place where we usually find the Nokia logo, the top right corner, is covered probably to hide the already printed logo.

On the same Chinese forums, information emerged that the device will come with ZEISS lens and that the ZEISS branding will be placed right beneath the dual-camera setup. The branding was added to Nokibar’s sketches and it fits nicely.

Source: Baidu

Via: VTechgraphy

  • Abhimanyu Chauhan

    Main question. Will it be Bezel-less ๐Ÿ˜†

    • I don’t think so. ๐Ÿ˜Š it can be less bezel though ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ Its a 2.5D glass I think. Is that a Nokia 7??? ๐Ÿ˜

  • Viccky maurya

    Sorry for off topic comment
    –Think! What I bought today? I bought a new shiny Vivo Y21 for Rs. 7000 /- (and for surprise it was available at 8 feet*10feet store in very rular area- hatsoff to Vivo Marketing team). Hmd failed to keep their promise on Nokia 5 and that tends me to do so.
    @LoveNokia trust me, Nokia 6 shipping will be started in 2nd week of August….
    @stipe1906 launch some other company fan site as I am bored of Hmd’s Nokia.

    Today, I felt that I was on wrong boat. Nokia was past not the future, the future is Samsung,Apple,Oneplus,HTC,Vivo,Oppo etc. It has been 4 months 10 days since the announcement of New Nokia smartphones but they rarely, very rarely available in some part of world, I dont know what’s cooking inside HMD GLOBAL? Are they really partnered with Foxconn for manufacturing? If they really partnered with Foxconn then what are they making? Are they making Rocket/Spaceship/satelite
    On the other side Oneplus/Xiaomi etc. make their phone available after 1 or 2 week from announcement (Do they export their phones from Mars and Jupiter)? Their marketing is too awesome that at a very local shop one can buy that, and then there is Nokia which can only be purchased in dreams not in reality (you should be a residence of metro city to pre order Nokia phones….. Ohh wait! You are from rular market, sorry Nokia is not for you)

    Nokia Vietnam factory has capability to produce 60 millions phone a year and experts say it could reach to 180 millions handsets a year by 2018, so the quoestion is, what Hmd and Foxconn doing.

    According to me, Hmd orders to Foxconn to build 100 phones a day in Vietnam,100 in China and 100 in India and then HMD markets these phone via there very big retail channels……

    Ohh! Wait again, I almost forgot that new Nokia phones are being marketed by HMD Global itself, I am liitle confused that what work does Hmd do? Do they design phones, do they market phones or what?

    I cant forget those days when HCL was the marketer of Nokia phones with the best marketing team( they had reach to 1,00,000 retailers,800 distributors in 664 districts of India, they had very awesome reach in Rular areas) Nokia almost partnered with them for two decades for distribution in India, even Microsoft Mobile had HCL on board for distribution purpose. But this 1 year born HMD Global is managing all tasks.
    * Hmd India should have imported Nokia phones for this year atleast + locally made phones could do sufficeint job.
    *Hmd should have partnered with HCL India for distribution.

    Only God can save Hmd _/_ . In real sense, only Nokia can bring Nokia back,not HMD.
    * After some research I find that HMD stands for Highly Mental Disorder or Hate Me Duffer…

    I want Hmd to become bankrupt but hope that day will never come and hmd could deliver their promise( which also not going to happen)….

    I might considser a Nokia phone for purchase only after 1ยฝ year from now bcoz for then Hmd may be able to manage some good stocks, atleast here in India…..

    -A True Nokia Fan

    • That is a huge off-topic for a true Vivo fan ;). Keep this going on the discussion page please.
      Glad you are happy with new phone. Enjoy bro ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Viccky maurya

        I am a true Vivo hater,but using that…

        • If you were a true hater then you wouldn’t have used/bought it ๐Ÿ˜›
          BTW The phone you bought has specs of Rs.4K phone.

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes dear, even Nokia 3 was not there….

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Hey buddy… I’m a true Nokia fan. So much so, that I’ve designed phones for them, submitted a bunch of stuff to them, and out my money where my mouth was by banding together some people (from Jay’s site and all about Symbian) and presenting about $10,000 just to bring or buy Symbian. Buy it, and make it go on Google’s play store.

            But, many things don’t always work the way we imagine.

            I am patiently waiting for a world class Nokia phone since about two years after the Nokia 808 was released.

            But Nokia stopped caring about phones in 2012, and now just returned in 2017 with HMD running the show.

            Some people can wait, some people can’t. Others like me, waste money and buy a bunch of nonsense Android phones just to play with temporarily.

            Nokia is my favorite company and favorite brand. It’s the only thing I’ve bought stock in (I think). That said, I expect so much from them. And sometimes a person’s irritation turns into frustration, then can turn into anger, if the expectations aren’t met. For me it’s the most amazing stuff packed into a phone, for Vicky, it’s the timing, for others it’s the price, yet for others, it’s a fashion statement to sport a new flashy phone.

            In an unbiased way, I kinda need to agree with the logic Vicky used. It’s unfortunate, but in ‘ his ‘ case, it’s true…

          • Viccky maurya

            Had been waiting for your comment….

          • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

            You do you say they forget about phones since


          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            I am a huge symbian fan, especially symbian Belle FP2.
            That said, I have very strong harsh, aggressive and condescending views on the junk rancid garbage horrible pathetic operating system Nokia was ‘ forced ‘ to work with,that nearly led to it’s demise.

            I, along with tens of millions of people do NOT view any phone made by Nokia as of 2012.

            It is just a nightmare, and it took five long years for Nokia to wake up.

            Everyone except a hand full of people don’t consider windows Mobile operating system a viable platform. The years Nokia made phones with that pathetic horrible rancid junk disgusting operating system, we have all agreed to ignore.

            Sometimes some people make references to the 520, 800, 1020, but that’s all. It’s now s distant memory, and rightly so.

            Nokia has been around for over a century, but from 2012-2017, it did not have a part in the cell phone industry.

            Latest market share for the pile of garbage Windows Mobile operating system (as of January or March 2017 was less than .03% !!! ). That means that people have more symbian phones and more feature phones that run a dead operating system, more than Windows phone.

            What Microsoft did to Nokia was the most two-faced, most horrible thing a company could have done. That diarrhea as a child elop had the sole intention of ruining Nokia, defaming it, and making its customers turn their backs on Nokia. Where is the next disruption? Where is the next billion? One thing is certain, it’s not Windows phone for sure….

            It is universally hated amongst people, customers, bloggers, cell phone reviewers, app developers, businesses, etc.

            Symbian was far more advanced and more feature rich than Windows ever was!

            All that was needed was to keep symbian for the low end and Android for the high end.


            Then allow symbian to run apps from the play store, and pop in a client for email and web surfing (like opera version 37) …

            With this, Nokia could have ruled the mid and high end. But they were fooled into getting rid of our beloved symbian, not going with Android, and allowing Microsoft to buy them out, resulting in all three operating systems to be US based.

            Symbian was safe and stable and power efficient, with no back doors. The same can’t be said about brain dead Apple, elementary basic level Android, and that pile of garbage, disgusting pathetic operating system, Windows.

            So, in 2012 Nokia made their last real phone! Then they slept, had a nightmare, and woke up in 2017. We need to ignore everything that was made from 2013-2016.

            That was a pseudo Nokia.

            Less than .03%!!! What a joke! What a pathetic operating system.

        • BTW I just saw the complete comment now. Is that an article or a comment? LOL

          • It’s a valid point @Viccky is making, but it needs to be recognised that it is not simple to build a distribution and production network that will cover the whole globe in short time. I’m extremely happy with 6, and I think it will be well received once it’s out. ๐Ÿ™‚ We just have to wait. Better late than never

          • Yes! I understand. But distributing in every country at once is nt easy. They must be doing so much of calculations at the moment in the offices. They are taking pre-orders so that they can get the number from each country and then they can start the supply. When i bought my 1st phone the situation was same. I used to go to each and every store and search for Nokia X2-00 but they said it hasn’t launched yet. Whereas every website said the phone is now available for purchase in India. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is offline market and it will take 2-3 weeks to settle down. In this case maybe it might take a month. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Well, HMD could have all Money in the world, but they need to get a permit from every state (or the EU as a group of countries) to sell or import their device. Then picking up retailers, distributors, service providers, negotiating with operators, and all of the bureaucracy, it takes time. In addition to the unknown problems FIH faced. As you said, they are starting from zero and they want to be everywhere in a small period of time, and that seems impossible.

          • Yes. Exactly!

          • Viccky maurya

            Waited Since 18th Nov. 2014….

          • For tech, it is now or never. If you want to sell some technology from today after 6 months, then I’m sorry, but it is probably just that your buyers are stupid :p

            No other OEM has this big backlog in supply chain. If they cannot go global on day 1, then focus on key markets. If they could launch Nokia 6 only in China at first, then they could simply also take it to a few other markets rather than the entire globe and then fail badly.

          • That’s right, they should have gone with a market by market approach, but obviously problems happened. The delay is not so damaging IMO for the current lineup because these are lower end models. Bigger problem would be if they delayed a flagship.

          • I remember the Lumia 920. And I have no hopes from literally the same people.

          • Viccky maurya

            Hahaha…Nokia is dead. We fans should bury them…

          • Then shame for the fans. We aren’t true fans then :p

          • Viccky maurya

            Hmm… You are right.๐Ÿ˜Š

          • Viccky maurya

            I pray Hmd not to announce any flagship atleast for this year. I suspect/know that they dont have capability to build flagship and if by mistake they make then it would be doomed…๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

            HMD should not cross their limit, they should sell only phones under $400 (if they could). Leave flagships for Samsung,Oneplus,Apple…. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

          • I disagree ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Viccky maurya

            Ok, okk ๐Ÿ˜‡

          • Jason


          • Viccky maurya

            That is an article+comment+frustation…

        • Jason


    • This is not the way to comment. You are being very rude. You want them to go bankrupt just because they couldn’t deliver phones. Look how large the world is. Oppo, Vivo and other chinese brands sell their phones mostly in Asia. Nokia phones are available in very market. They have a dedicated manufacturing unit just for India. Because they know that the demand will be much higher in India. If you can’t wait for them
      And BTW You will soon have to purchase a new phone IMO LOL
      Don’t get angry man. Just calm down. You made a very bad decision just because of you anger. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you VIVO Y21 survives for 1 1/2 years ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Viccky maurya

        HMD CEO during MWC said that Nokia phones shall available global in 120 countries from day 1. So where is that day 1???

      • They have a manufacturing unit here because Foxconn has it and it gets some tax benefits. There is no other logical reason for them to have a factory here. Quality control for all OEMs is poor for Indian factories.

        • Jason

          The reason for quality control being poor for indian factories is because Indians dont focus on quality much whether its design, manufacturing or assembly. Its a race thing. Not being racial but its a fact. None of Indian consumer products make it globally because of lack of innovation in design & manufacturing.

          • Or maybe their thinking is too small to do something big. None of the damn Indian phone manufacturers, for example, have their own manufacturing or design. They just pick a phone from China, have it labeled and sold to India.

            Its not that we do not like quality, it’s the laziness. The guys there would be like “Ah.. It came out from the same factory. Lets just pack it without doing Amy tests”. I’ve honestly found too many issues with phones ever since they were manufactured in India.

    • Did you see the specs of that phone?

      • Viccky maurya

        Yes, specs are quite funny…

        • You know it still you but it. LOL

          • Because it is available in his nearby shop. The world needs to understand that online cannot penetrate everywhere ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Jason

            Matter of time and Nokia will be present offline. Doesn’t matter its not available now but it will be in a few months and then will be a major competitor. Remember it wasnt even in the market since few years and the market went on. The market will remain whether it takes a month or two. But yes you guys may have moved on to other devices cuz u couldnt wait a litlle longer.

          • Nokia already has the store presence. Its just that they don’t have the stocks to sell.

            Do not forget that Nokia failed from this very market, the same retail stores. Because their marketing was outdated, heavily focused on that brand name instead of the features. Samsung took them over because they hired better marketing teams who took feedback two way – from consumers to the manufacturing and then from manufacturing to the consumers, showcasing the features they had.

            The problem is we do not need to wait for things for far too long. It’s how the market happens. Being a fan doesn’t mean that you should be forced an old outdated hardware down your throat.

          • Viccky maurya

            Again well said… I contacted some retailers in my district and they said helplessly that stocks are too limited that distributors are giving priority to only big retailers in urban areas and some how we did manage to get 2 or 3 phones (Nokia 3), they even said that limited stocks adversely affecting the price…. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

          • Nokia phones were announced in end of Feb. Its been 4 months now. And that is a very long time. We see new phones launched every week. Nokia 6 has SD430 and that is a problem now. Half of 2017 is passed and they aren’t agle to bring phones to the market. They should have launched the phones in one market after another and not in all markets at once. That would have solved the problem. In countries like India, China and many other asian countries you will see better value for money phones being launched every few weeks. And by the time these phones arrived in India they are already outdated at least in hardware department. Nokia 5 should have 3gb ram and Nokia 6 should have 4 gb and SD6xx at this point in time.

          • They are destined to fail. After all this decline and the rebirth, the mindset did not change.
            Others announce today and say that you can buy starting from this week. Nokia announces today, doesn’t speak anything for 4 months. Then when it speaks, it still got nothing in its hands. Passes on another date. When that date comes (Nokia 5), it is the same usual day.

            “What are preorders? We don’t even have any information, forget the marketing material.”

    • How can he launch another company’s fan site? He is a Nokia Fan LOL

      • Viccky maurya

        Ohh, I almost forgot that…

      • Its easy, buy a good phone from a different company. Love it. Done.

        I never thought I’ll love a phone which is not a Nokia. But then thankfully, Microsoft ate Nokia and I got introduced to OnePlus. Now i have a shiny oneplus 5. And I love it!

        Meanwhile, HMD is still trying to figure out how to sell its phones in India. Even oneplus didn’t t take this long to enter India. HMD is just wasting money on trying to be everywhere, nomatter if there are buyers or not. They had the chance of starting fresh by removing all the mess, but they just kept the same mess right there. With all the mess, it will become too hard to manage and too costly to sustain. They’ll ask more money for the phones than what people would be willing to pay. The future is dark, right from the restart.

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          Here’s my take on this. For the most part, it supports your claims and shines some light on how Nokia is allowing HMD to drop the ball (just like Nokia itself did for several years).

          So there’s a guy, let’s call him , I don’t, Eric… Eric is in the mood to buy another phone to play with,but Eric also wants to help his favorite brand, Nokia.

          Well it is 7/8/2017, and a lovely Nokia phone was released in China over six months ago! Over SIX MONTHS AGO!

          Meaning, technology had definitely changed and improved, and advanced since then. How? Check out the Redmi note 5 (a new battery efficient Snapdragon 660 chipset, with a 3760 mAh battery) … Some requirements the average customer would like to have.

          So, the two phone cost the same, the two phones are rather similar, but one is out worldwide, with much much much better specs!

          What would this guy named Eric do to satisfy his craving for a new phone?

          Nokia instead allows HMD to remove the LED notification light… Nokia allows other companies outpace them.

          It’s kinda like this – Nokia is so cautious and careful and cognizant when they are running down the some downhill race (by placing knee pads on, by wearing thick socks, by using new shiny shoes, by wearing a very nice smart to track their heart beat, etc) while the other 25 people in this race are attaching wheels to their shoes (so they can life down the hill and win, or they put ten guys in line, so when one falls and gets injured, another quickly takes over, or if they fall and break, the company reassesses and quickly adapts, learns from the mistake and is ready for the next race (determined to win).

          That was a pseudo analogy or metaphor but basically, Nokia is so worried about certain things that the vast majority of the general population are moving in and get something that’s is 90% the same as what a Nokia could be, but without the vaulted and well respected name.

          This Eric guy has already bought about 7-9 Android phones just because. And he really wants a Nokia but geez, those other companies offer so much more and there is no wait time. By the time this Nokia 6 comes to Los Angeles CA (united States) so many other better specc’d phones will already be out.

          And if Nokia dares to use these pathetic LCD screens and leave out many essential things in its flagships, I promise I’ll have one of the loudest voices out there to make sure I’m heard on as many websites as possible, and I’ll bombard them with emails and phone calls and letters. A flagship from Nokia better shock and awe the entire phone industry! They haven’t been in the phone industry since 2012 with the phenomenal Symbian operating system 808! They have had 5 long years to come up with something jaw dropping.

          And then release it promptly! (Within a month – worldwide)

          • Your closing killed it. Nokia will never be able to achieve the 1 month worldwide reach.
            Idk if they are too cautious and want to announce things before producing them. Pr maybe they just announce and then fail to produce it.

          • Rce

            Forget about redmi 5, Motorola’s g5s plus is coming with dual cameras within 20k inr.. and Samsung j7 2017 is also coming up with dual cameras and then Nokia will come up with average cameras, 28nm 430 chipset..

          • And we crazy Nokia fans will still buy it and love it, but Nokia didn’t even want to sell it to us lol

    • Rce

      So in 2017 you went for an 3g phone with 480p display and 1gb ram that too at 7200!!!
      At that price point Moto C plus, E4,redmi 4,4a, even Samsung j3 pro was also there..

      • Online vs offline ๐Ÿ˜€
        The difference will remain for a number of years.
        This is the problem of this online generation. You don’t see costs involved in offline sales and marketing. You want an online-only device in an offline store located in a small rural area. Just imagine the levels it went through to reach that village.

        • Rce

          I know that online offline part but there are far letter devices available at that price point even in offline,and secondly I’m not this new generation, I’m an old Nokia generation person..

          • So which ones are those? Tell me the ones which are penetrated in the market deeply. Gosh you don’t even see much of Micromax in retail stores now. And the point you start moving towards rural areas, the number of options will even start reducing.

            Vivo, today, has the best store presence. Idk how much they have already spent on marketing, or if they are on the verge of going bankrupt, they are doing a wonderful job when it comes to penetration.

            You do not need to be everywhere. If you’re starting up, you can be in a few prime target markets and focus properly. But HMD has a different thinking. Same old staff, same old stores, same old lazy launches, same old corrupted setup. Hiring people which do not have the flame and energy will not work out anymore ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Samsung On5 pro is better at that price point.

          • The ON series from Samsung was introduced to compete with Online players. It was supposed to be Online exclusive only. I’m not sure if there are also selling them via physical retail stores now, but they were initially only sold online.

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes, you are right one of my freind bought On5 via flipkart, as it was online exclusive.

    • Rce

      Plus you have to understand that HMD has started from zero,but still they’re building same quality Nokia Care’s,they’re producing phones in India,already distributor sales etc setup is done,and also GST has been implemented recently so distributors , retailers are preparing for that too, so it’s important for Nokia fans to be slightly more patient regarding these small issues, because after the issues will get sorted out you’ll get an actual great device without gimmicky moonlight sunlight glow and with actually best quality service centres rather than so called over hyped bad quality service centres..

      • Don’t bring GST here. Nokia has the 95% of the exact same phone stores and repair points as it did earlier. So practically it is all the same. They acquired the distribution and supply chain back from Microsoft.

        • Rce

          But still setting up those things again will take some time also the old Nokia care to Microsoft care to B2X to New Nokia mobile care transformation will take some time..
          Plus setup of manufacturing in India’s foxconn unit also takes some time because remember Chennai’s Nokia plant is disputed and it’s issue is still not sorted out yet completely..

          • No it doesn’t take time. It is just a new email sent to them that you are working for this guy. Its like your manager being replaced, you continue to work the same way. Plus care centres aren’t a priority, they are only needed when you sell something.

            Lastly, if they had all those problems, they should simply not announce something they cannot deliver. How about if they didn’t announce anything, worked up all the problems and announced upgraded Nokia 3,5,6 now? The partiality of having a 4GB RAM Nokia 6 in China and 3GB for global already doesn’t make sense. Their product planning team needs a serious replacement.

          • Viccky maurya

            Well said!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ I still dont find the answer that why did the announce Nokia 3,5,6 at MWC17, if they were about to sell these devices in August -September.

            They should have announced only Nokia 3310 at MWC and for 3,5 and 6 they should have held a seprate event in July.

            I wanted Hmd to work closely with Qualcomm, think if Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 450 with Nokia devices on Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 then the things would have been more fantastic. ๐Ÿ™ and no one would be saying that specs of these devices are outdated.

          • Agreed. With Nokia 5 seen no where, I have no hopes of Nokia 6 being made available in July. Both devices will only come in August.

          • Viccky maurya

            I think HMD will again be in loss this year too…and I also think, they will sell only 5-6 million smartphones(3+5+6) this year….where as other companies are selling 30-35 millions /Quarter.

            Hmd guys think that there are huge demand of Nokia phones but reality is that there is low availability of Nokia phones.
            forget 3,5,6 they even couldnot maintained 3310 stocks(though Nokia 3310 uses lot of components of Nokia 215)…. Very Shameful…๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

          • Rce

            Yes,i agree with the latter part they could’ve announced phones after full setup is done..
            But, one thing i feel is that hmd is way too cautions this time regarding every phone/sales issues so that they won’t get washed out once again like before, and this over cautiousness is causing the delay..

          • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

            That largely depends on the terms of the acquisition. Probably HMD had to renegotiate all the agreements.

          • Whatever it was, the stores are up, the stocks are not there. Should we now assume that all HMD employees were busy negotiating, so the manufacturing unit was out of workers? Do the same people do retail negotiations and also work in the factories? :p

          • Rocky

            B2X and Nokia Mobile Care are different, B2X is Microsoft’s partner and Nokia Mobile Care is HMD’s

    • Jason

      I still see you on twitter enquring about Nokia 5. Suggests you haven’t bought it buddy. If you are a true Nokia fan then I suggest you be patient and support them in their come back.

      • LOL You caught him red handed ๐Ÿ˜› BTW I think he bought it but he is still inquiring about the phone. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • He didn’t say he bought it for himself. He just bought it.
        Probably for his relative ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Viccky maurya

          Or probably to sell it again…๐Ÿ˜œ

    • Muerte

      You drunk bro?

      • He doesn’t drink. A good boy like me, he is ^_^

      • Viccky maurya

        I havenot tasted a single drop of alcohal….๐Ÿ˜Š

        • See? I know you better than he does :p

          • Viccky maurya


          • Magic ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Nokia ‘s marketing has never been proper ever since I remember using Nokia phones. Their marketing was old, dead, trying to sell off the phone for the brand name rather the the features.
      I remember when i bought the Asha 311, it was marketed as a gaming device. And trust me, there were no damn games to play. The screen resolution was new, only a few games existed at that full touch resolution. Similar priced Samsung phones had PDF viewers, mine didn’t. Every time the result of my college senester was up, I was needed to ask others since the pdf won’t open. That was a joke at my face for being a Nokia fan.
      But fans will be fans, no matter what. I still have a soft corner for Nokia. They are good, their marketing and sales are crap.

      • Rce

        Simply because they don’t spend money on marketing, and always they spend more money on innovation rather than marketing, and this thing is continuous in Nokia’s approach from old days, they’ll always hire best engineers but they’ll not spend money on marketing sales etc.
        Intact, Nokia used to pay much less salary to marketing people than engineers up to 2008/09.

        • Viccky maurya

          This is not 2008-09 , Hmd will have to invest highly on marketing and promotions.

          • Rce

            But unfortunately with only 500 million marketing budget worldwide this thing won’t work for Nokia..
            Because on the other hand Samsung, vivo, oppo will spend 5-6 billions only in ipl and sport advertisements..

        • That’s your thought, Rce, Nokia’s approach has been to do something which they like and not something which the consumer wants or likes.
          Marketing isn’t just about persuading people to buy your stuff. Its also about collecting feedback from the retail about customer preferences. If a Nokia phone isn’t selling well, they need to analyze why it isn’t. If a competitor is selling better, then figure out what’s that’s making it sell better. They also need to analyze what a consumer expects from the next phone, not just make it and throw a phone in the market and say “We have this. Buy it if you wanna.”

          • Rce

            That’s not just my thought,that’s the reality of Nokia from 2005 era,and if you don’t spend money on marketing and staffs you won’t get that feedback,simple logic..
            And this is the biggest reason Samsung and apple took over Nokia’s No1 spot in just 2/3 years..

          • Not the only reason, but certainly one of the major reasons ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Viccky maurya

        I also had an Asha 311,(the problem you faced, i also had faced) exchanged that for Lumia 520….๐Ÿ˜Š

        • Seems like we were on the same boat. I got the 525 instead though ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Rocky

        Wow, EA games isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚
        Me too, even galaxy pocket had same price range when Asha 311 launched

        • Exactly. I could never justify my purchasing of Asha 311. High quality videos would restart the phone, the power key fell within a month, the software updates were soon stopped leaving the phone on a buggy version with no way to downgrade. It was a bad experience.
          The Lumia 525 afterwards did a lot to correct it. I was really loving the camera and smoothness at that price point. Now that I’m on a OnePlus, it will not be easy for Nokia to convince me to get a Nokia for myself. I might buy, play and sell off, but I will probably never have one for myself with love.

  • Rce

    By the way guys read this post from India today , it’ll answer lot of queries regarding product stock and etc in India..