Nokia is 466th on the Fortune500 list

Fortune magazine updated its Fortune500 list of largest companies in the world.

Nokia lost nine places from the last year and now holds the 466th place, just in front of Heineken and Xiaomi. This continued drop on the list is expected, but with the 5G networks being implemented all around the world, we could see Nokia climb up on the list in the following years.

Nokia generated a revenue of 26 billion dollars with a loss of 401 million dollars, which is a kind of improvement if we know that last year Nokia lost 1.6 billion dollars. With 103,083 employees, Nokia is in a position to change things for better. The slight comeback to the consumer market with WiFi mesh equipment and bigger control of the smartphone brand might benefit to the rank on the list.

I couldn’t find Ericsson on the list, but its biggest competitor Huawei advanced on the list from last year and is now 61st.

Check the Fortune500 list here.

Thanks IA for the tip 😉