Global variant of #Nokia 6 does NOT have a notification LED

At the beginning of the year, HMD introduced the Nokia 6 exclusively for the Chinese market. Since January, we are still waiting on the global version of the 6 to be released. At MWC2017 in Barcelona, HMD unveiled the global variant and said that there are differences between the Chinese variant and the global variant.

There are 2 Chinese variants of Nokia 6: TA-1000 and TA-1003, with the sole difference being that TA-1003 comes with Google services. The global version of Nokia 6 under the model numbers TA-1033, TA-1039, TA-1021 and TA-1025, comes with 1GB less RAM, NFC, Google services, front camera with autofocus and has other hardware improvements we talked about here.

Unfortunately, the global variants of Nokia 6 do not support “LED notifications”. That was confirmed to us by Nokia Mobile Support Team exactly saying:

“…global versions TA-1033, TA-1039, TA-1021, TA-1025 do not support LED notifications”

It’s not clear if HMD removed the notification LED from the device or just disabled it, but it was probably removed, because disabling it doesn’t make sense. Removing this feature at all doesn’t make sense. If you want to regulate the LED light on your Nokia 6 TA-1000 (or TA-1003) you can do it by opening Settings->Display, where you have the option to turn the feature on or off.

We did a quick video demonstration of the notification LED down below.

To me personally, as said above, this decision doesn’t make sense. The support guys that answered my question can’t comment on engineering decision made by the team. Maybe the new front camera with autofocus on global variant took more space than the old one, thus forcing HMD to remove the LED. It’s just a guess.

What do you think about this decision and what could be the reason in doing so? Tell us down below.

Update: Friendly Nokia Mobile support team clarified the made decision.

When it comes to your inquiry about the removal of LED from the global version, please be aware that in regards to global markets, due to specific research, a decision has been made about the removal of the LED.

  • Viccky maurya
    • Yes! I saw that yesterday, but i am not able to see Nokia branding anywhere. 🙁
      Edit: OK I found the Nokia branding. Its at the bottom of the phone. 😛 #Fake
      It seems like some fan created a concept and then made posters of it. 😛

    • I think it’s fake. The photo look extremely fake.

  • “due to specific research” Okay! So was LED light such a costly part that it was needed to be removed, even if their research showed that people don’t use it much. Leave it there and let people use it if they want to, else turn it off.

    Getting disappointed with these awful ways in which HMD is doing its cost cutting. Add this, remove that! Even when they are selling the phone at a premium price!

    • I agree. If you don’t like it, turn it off.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Not including the LED notification light is just plain dumb!

    With Symbian, you could turn it on or off, and you could control how long it’d flash.

    Nokia should NOT allow HMD to make these sort of mistakes. It makes them both look bad.

    • Hey EricLoveSymbian! Didn’t you see the posts about HMD Global + ZEISS Partnership?? 😛

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Yeah, but I opened the links (about 22-23 of them from different sites) but didn’t get a chance to get to that one. I fell asleep.

        But I’m super excited!
        If the phone fits the criteria, I’ll be first in line to get it.

  • LEDfan

    I was going to consider this device over moto g5 for the LED notification light only and now they removed this useful feature.
    A bad move by HMD.

  • metalron

    If anyone want to try to push them (Nokia) to consider a capacitive button notification, please RT or just tweet to them!

  • Susan B

    Hello – just Bought Nokia 6 today (13 Nov 2017) – I cant believe there is no LED notification. Unbelievable. We need LED notification.

  • xoxo oxo

    IS THE NOTIFICATION LED multicolor? I mean for every app one can set / it is shown different color variant? 2. how does it glow in dark (video plz) ?

    • Red – low battery. Blue – full battery when charging. Green – notification. No manual option to change it or set it up depending on an app

      • xoxo oxo

        Oh wow, thanks for fast replay @stripe1906 +stripe1906 that sux, my phone can do every color. CAN YOU TRY INSTALL THIS AND answer me if You managed to set custom colors? it is explained here
        I WILL VERY APPRECIATE IT as I’m torn to buy 1003 or international version (i’m after led+64gb but if this led will be only 3 colors then I can go with international and mb use sdcard as internal memory to get more games)…
        Also do You know if chinese 1000/1003 will get oreo or latest patches?

        • It’s a mess with the LED. Most apps work, but no matter what colour I chose it ends up lighting green. Sometimes I managed to set up the red light on some options. Vibration, ringtone works. Will do a deeper dive into the app later today.

          Security patches and fixes are coming regularly on my TA-1000, and so will Oreo. It’s just that the update process is longer, because Chinese government needs to approve every update. We’re still waiting for 7.1.2, but the Chinese 6 got first the November patch. Maybe HMD skips directly to Oreo with Chinese 6.

          • xoxo oxo

            Ok, thought U will have another reason to post valuable data, besides helping me with mobile choosing, in Your website which btw. it’s great!
            So like, they forced: red, green, blue (pokemon reference) only eee no way.
            Righttt, so T-1000 or T-1003 is also fine (as they are the same besides GooglStore but still not international) yet u posted that international got software / hardware improvements. Wonder if it is worth it but leaving LED & playing with SD as internal storage -_- THANKSS

          • If you think 32GB will be enough memory, I would rather go for the global version. The updates will come faster and even with a GB less of RAM it runs very smooth. Ta-1000 has a Chinese ROM that takes more resources than stock Android.

          • xoxo oxo

            I’m after more than 32GB + I like the led (that’s why asked if app provided fixed 3 colors only) but at the same time international is belived to be improved both software/hardware so I don’t know if it THAT HUGEEE upgrade from Chinese:> cheers

          • If you want the LED (at least in the form I described in my first response) and more memory, then go for it. 🙂

          • xoxo oxo

            thanks, did u managed to get led to different color by this apk?

          • Just red and green. Green is default for all actions, red needs to be the set up as red (but there are few red tones and only one works). They can blink fast and go one after the other. Also, the LED always on doesn’t work

          • xoxo oxo

            well, balls. Thanks! They try to keep things simple nowadays, right? eh

  • Rey Castillo

    why my nokia 6 doesn’t have ” led notification” on DISPLAY settings…..

    • Probably because it is the global variant. Just TA-1000 and TA-1003 have LED

      • Rey Castillo

        well thats unfair building different version but the same nokia 6…