#Nokia 6 most popular phone at GSMArena.com (Week 24)

Last week, HMD’s first Android smartphone the Nokia 6 returned to the top 10 most searched devices on GSMArena.com. This week, Nokia 6 claimed the first place as the most popular device on GSMArena.com. The news of the precise release date and open pre-orders in some countries, launched the Nokia 6 on GSMArena’s list above the OnePlus 5 or the Galaxy S8. Check the full list at GSMArena.com here.

It’s interesting that in the number of daily hits, Nokia 3 is currently the No.6. Nokia 3 launched in many markets worldwide, like Middle East, India, and some European markets as well. The phone retails for an average price of €139. Some unboxing videos of the 3 can be found here.

Thanks Hemedans for the tip. 🙂

  • Hey Stipe! 🙂
    “I promise there will be an Innovation” – Arto Nummela CEO HMD Global. 🙂

    • Thanks. I was looking for that interview since I saw the announcement on Twitter. 🙂 Need to check it out

      • me too LOL. it took a lot of googling LOL. I tried various words and phrases 😛

      • Are we in for a big surprise soon? All we are focusing is on Nokia 9. As Arto Nummela said we are working on both price ranges a mid range flagship and a a true flagship. So i think we will see something like we saw in Lumia series. 930/1020/1520 all flagships but with little changes here and there.

        • Viccky maurya

          So, should I wait?