#Nokia-branded #SteelHR watch spotted at MWC :) *UPDATED*

One of the people in Nokia Technologies’ patents and brand team shared on Twitter his Nokia-branded Steel HR watch. The Nokia logo fits nicely with Steel HR’s design, and we can’t wait to see real life photos of other ex-Withings devices now branded as Nokia. It’s good to have the brand back into the consumer market.


Nokia announced at HMD’s press event that Withings’ products will be re-branded to Nokia, and that the same distribution channels as for smartphones will be used in selling the devices.

Update: Hera are more photos of Nokia Health and Fitness equipment.


Nokia Steel HR
Nokia BodyCardio
Nokia Steel HR
Nokia Go
  • Rocky

    It would be better if that Steel HR’s Nokia logo also using usual Nokia logo instead that plain capitalized Nokia word, personal opinion btw 🙂

    • yes man… It looks like they use “Times New Roman” as their font lol. It looks like a fake branding 😛
      I remember there was a guy in my class 2 years ago who had a normal analog wrist watch and the watch had Nokia branding lol it was fake but the branding inside that watch was same as on Nokia phones and not like the one used above lol.

  • Gagi990

    Iskreno bi pre kupio ovaj sat nego Apple whatch iz razloga sto na ovom satu duže traje baterija.Imam trenutno Casio EQB500 i neka je vrsta pametnog sata sa manje opcija ali mi je zanimljiv.☺