Rumors: #HMD #Nokia smartphones could go on sale globally in March *UPDATED*

Android site android-dz claims to have information, retrieved from a “very reliable source”, about the beginning of the sales of upcoming HMD’s Nokia-branded Android smartphones outside China.

The source claims that the upcoming HMD smartphone, probably to be announced at MWC next month, will be available for purchase in Algeria in March, via a local distributor called Brandt.

Algeria is not a “super important” market like China or India, so we assume that Algeria will be part of a larger list of countries that will receive the upcoming Nokia devices, like France, other Western European countries, and we hope the whole globe.

One of the devices that we could see at MWC next month is the global variant of Noka 6, HMD’s first Android device exclusively available in China. We also hope to see a Nokia flagship device, and a low-end device known as Nokia E1.


Update: Phone House,  major phone reseller in Portugal, stated on Facebook that, on the Portuguese market, the upcoming Nokia devices will be available in April .

Thanks Tiago for the tip. 🙂

  • Rce

    Good strategy, lg normally fails in that strategy and Nokia used to suffer delays in phone release now that’s a good news, and it’s a perfect strategy to counter Samsung ..

  • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

    That’s tottaly certain. Today phone House Portugal, a major reseller at my home country Portugal, shared a link about Nokia’s return to the market. Then I asked If they were going to sell the new phones and they said the first-one would be available in April of this year:

    • Thank you for the tip. We will update the article. It’s a good timeframe. Maybe end of March, early April, like Nummela said, few weeks from announcement

  • Doug MacFarland

    Should U.S. expect to see it an early March then? I’m really looking forward to Nokia’s flagship device. It’s honestly the reason why I haven’t purchased a Mate 9 yet.

    • In my opinion, the US is a market not worth fighting for. Nokia and Microsoft tried hard to push Lumia in US, but it never took of like in Europa, India, or the Far East. I hope for a global launch on every continent, in every country possible, but I’m not sure if they will even try to fight in the US. HMD has only one director for “Americas”, so a US launch in the same time with others is possible.

      • Doug MacFarland

        Darn but I thought the primary reason why the devices never took off was due to its O.S. Now that it’s Android, things should look better…I hope haha.

      • Rce

        Forget about Microsoft-Nokia era, even when there was no other better os available before iOS and android Us market went for palm os,windows,blackberry etc and that time Nokia’s market share was 70% in India and 62% in Europe,now why will Nokia even try for a market who never praised or liked their devices even during their Heyday’s..