Nokia G400 and G100 coming with Qualcomm aptX

The boundary between the affordable and upper midrange phones in the Android world is becoming invisible. Low-end and affordable devices are coming with a lot of technologies that not so long ago were kept for the best phones on the market. Now it is not so peculiar to see an affordable phone coming with a 120 Hz refresh rate or OLED screen, and Nokia Mobile is mostly in charge of the changes seen in the budget devices.

The affordable Nokia phones are bringing good build quality and some nice specs on a budget, and a nice example is Nokia G21. However, there are some newcomers from Nokia that will also be featuring options reserved for more expensive devices.

Nokia G400 5G and Nokia G100, meant for the US market, are going to be coming with Qualcomm aptx software which will improve the quality of the connection for these devices. Nokia G400 5G will be featuring aptX, aptX HD and aptX Adaptive, while Nokia G100 will be coming with a classic aptX and aptX HD. This means that the sound quality and connectivity over BT will be great with G400 5G and G100.

aptX works by compressing and decompressing audio as it travels from a source device like a phone, to a receiving device like wireless BT earbuds without damaging the quality. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing these kinds of features in other Nokia devices not exclusive to the US market. Maybe Juho is still thinking and taking care of Nokia Mobile after all, hehe.


Thanks Eero for the tip ;).


Source Qualcomm G400 5G | Nokia G100