#Nokia will have the largest exhibit space in Hall 3 at #MWC2017

Nokia exhib space at MWC2017

Officially published show plan for Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona reveals that the Finnish telecommunication giant Nokia will have the largest exhibit space located Hall 3.

Rajeev Suri will speak at #MWC 2017 event

Nokia Soultions and Networks Spain booked two exhibit spaces both the size of 1.555 square meters. That makes Nokia the largest company by exhibit space in Hall 3. It is unknown if HMD or Nokia Technologies will use any of these spaces for demonstration of rumored Nokia-branded Android devices or it will be just for Nokia Networks innovations. The only thing we know for sure is that Nokia will be there at MWC 2017 in February next year.


  • Michael

    OK? Ericsson has double Nokia’s space in Hall 2. Huawei 2.5 times the space in Hall 1.

    • Yes, we didn’t say it has the biggest space in whole congress hall, just in Hall 3 :). I think that the idea behind this is that Nokia will share space with other businesses (eventually HMD?).
      From previous MWC that I’ve been to, this space is enormous and probably not needed but lot of things has changed since last time i’ve been there so maybe they need more space :).

      • Michael

        HMD is at least co-located, sort of 🙂

        • They are there and that is most important. In next article I mentioned they have numerous mini booths in Hall 2 just for meeting. So, they are serious about MWC