Rumour: New Nokia device will look like Nokia C1 prototype


NPU has got some new information about the upcoming Nokia flagship device. We already saw some early photos of the supposed Nokia C1 device that has been cancelled later in the process. NPU’s source claims that the new device will have similar Nokia C1 look with a body made of Anodized Aluminium: The frame will have those plastic antenna splits as seen in the Lumia 925 body (similar splits have frames of the Lumia 830 and 930). The source also said that phones will be presented at the end of 2016 if everything goes fine. Nokia has teased us with some C1 look alike phone few days ago at social networks what could suggest that final shape will be similar like an early prototype, but there are still 3 months to go so we can expect some changes in the phone’s design.

Nokia new device

Nokia comparison

  • PNHD

    Both of those C1 photos are renders made by fans, even the real life looking one( confirmed a few days after it leaked by the man himself on chinese social media). There was never a C1 prototype. NPU is very trigger happy spreading news based on conjecture and wishful thinking. There will be no releases of Nokia smartphones by the end of this year. The phones are now in development

    • Yeah, I noticed they are trigger happy, but let’s just say that there is 50% truth in all of this rumours. Those Nokia executives said something about phones being developed for the end of the year, and Nokia C1 (lets just call it like that) or some early developed N1 like phone was canceled earlier this year, so maybe there is slightest chance that those fan renders were tests for future coustomers? Of course phones won’t Look like that but shape could be similar like N1.