WhatsApp standalone app available for Wear OS

WhatsApp for Wear OS

After several months of beta testing, WhatsApp for Wear OS has finally been announced for the Wear OS smartwatches. Currently, it supports only those based on Google’s Wear OS.

Users can start a new conversation, reply to a message and establish a VoIP call on the watch, without the need for connection to the phone, according to the official announcement. The app for Wear OS 3.0 smartwatches is starting with rollout today.

Apple Watch does not currently have a standalone app for watchOS. All you can do is take a look at an incoming message and reply to it from the watch itself if you have enabled the appropriate settings on your iPhone.

It should be noted that Google announced the WhatsApp application for Wear OS watches back in May at its I/O event, along with several other well-known names, such as Spotify. How long it will take for watchOS users to get this kind of application is currently unknown, and it is obvious that Google has agreed with Meta, the umbrella company of WhatsApp, for a kind of exclusive, which will take some time.