These are the best Nokia Mobile ads…yet

Nokia 8 Sirocco
The Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia Mobile doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to marketing adverts. However, its not to say that they haven’t done anything right. Whenever the Finnish company decides to bring its best foot forward, they usually present an ad that not only defines Nokia’s true European identity but also can rival some of the best Nokia Corporation ads from the past. 

In this article, we look at some of the best Nokia Mobile advertisements ever. Feel free to share with us your own pick in the comment section below.

The 10 Best Nokia Mobile Ads…yet

10. Nokia XR20: The #ToughestTest featuring Roberto Carlos and Lisa Zimouche

After Nokia Mobile’s lowest-quality ad campaign (48 Hours of Change), the company surprised us with a new ad campaign for the well-design and extremely durable Nokia smartphone to date, the Nokia XR20. I’m impressed with this ad. Unfortunately, they failed to be consistent again with the latest Nokia smartphones and instead started using similar ads with little to no effort to even conceal the fact that it is the same ad for two different models.

9. Live streaming fun filters

Nokia Mobile India peaked with its creative ad campaigns in 2018, which to be honest is a bit of a shame. They easily have some of the best Nokia Mobile ads to date. The “Live streaming fun filter” ad highlights the “fun filters” which come with the Nokia 5.1 and Nokia 6.1. 

In this ad, our main character’s father is hosting a very busy event, but our “obviously-uninterested” main character plans to sneak out with his friends. Unfortunately, his father sees him, and so he was forced to stay and interact with his father’s old pals (we’ve all been there). So he tries to find some ways to fight the boredom which leads him to be let go of the party and go out with his friends. 

8. Nokia 8110 4G – Reloaded

The Nokia 8110, appropriately called the “banana phone” or the Keanu Reeves phone from The Matrix, came back in 2018 with a new design, a colored display, and 4G connectivity. This ad, while fully animated, is one of the best ads from Nokia Mobile ever. The music they choose for the ad builds up some excitement for a rather cheap handset, and eventually steals the hearts of everyone upon its announcement during the Mobile World Congress 2018. 

7. Nokia 1 – Step up to smarter

This ad has the Nokia Asha fun written all over it. The Nokia 1 is one, if not the cheapest, Android Nokia smartphone to date. But just because it is cheap doesn’t mean the ad shouldn’t be fun. 

We believe that the Nokia 1 ad is one of the best Nokia Mobile ads to date. It is fully animated but it features cheerful music. Despite the product’s limitations as an Android Go device, Nokia Mobile was able to showcase some of the best parts of the smartphone. And lest we forget, this is also the device that briefly brought back the Xpress-on cover. Very Nokia indeed. 

6. Nokia 6.1 – Bothie Mode

Seriously, Nokia Mobile India should be allowed to conceptualize adverts again for the Nokia brand. The “Nokia 6.1 – Bothie Mode” ad features the awkwardly-named “Bothie Mode”, some jumpscare, and an unexpected twist. This is a very fun and creative ad that deserves a name on this list. 

5. Nokia 9 PureView – Explore every detail

This is a very well-crafted ad for one of the most complex, unique, and innovative Nokia Mobile smartphones to date. This ad gave the Nokia 9 PureView justice more than Nokia Mobile could ever give this device a credit for. This ad is on par with other PureView ads like the one we see from the Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 925, Lumia 930, and Nokia Lumia 1020 – minus the hype music Nokia is known for, of course. Das ist PureView ad at its purest. Period.

4. Relive moments in great detail – Nokia 8.1 & Nokia 7.1

Another very creative ad Nokia Mobile India released before the pandemic. This ad is the second most popular Nokia Mobile ad to date with a whopping 33M views. It features some friends recording a video which we later learn is for their long-distance friend, Rohan. This ad highlights the Ultra HD 4K video recording of the Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7.1. It is a very-heartwarming ad, paired with a nice choice of music that your brain keeps on repeat despite not knowing any single lyrics from it. 

3. Nokia 7 Plus and the new Nokia 6 with Android One

This another well-made Nokia ad started with one kid standing up for the other kid against a bunch of grade-school bullies. And then before they know it, their friendship grew even closer, and they have been with each other from emergencies to breakups to weddings to the birth of a friend’s firstborn child. And of course, the Nokia phone is a witness to this friendship. Sometimes, there are friendships we never expected to last a lifetime. 

2. Nokia Mobile – Be the gift

I’m sorry. Do I need to explain this? This ad had me weeping back in  2017 (when I’m not yet a Nokiamob writer LMAO – how time flies). It is perfect. Also, people, don’t forget the people who love you. Especially during Christmas. 

1. Nokia 8 Sirocco with Android One TV Commercial

Finally, the best Nokia Mobile ad ever goes to the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Like some of the ads on this list, this ad did not help sell more of the Nokia 8 Sirocco to justify development for a sequel. 

However, what makes this ad arguably the best Nokia Mobile ad so far is the fact that it was structured the same way some of the most memorable Nokia and Lumia ads were before.

The Nokia 8 Sirocco ticks pretty much all the boxes. First, it was able to showcase European culture. Second of all, it features some catchy music. Then it brings out some of the highlights of the phone and finally, the ad was spiced up with a few snarky remarks at the competing brands and ends with a “very” Nokia slogan. Chef’s kiss.

It is one of those ads which automatically gets the instant classic crown. The one we continuously search on the internet years after it was released just to remind ourselves of the time when we were still hoping for the better. I would say, the nostalgia power of this one is almost similar to the iPhone 5 “Photos Everyday” ad. I also recommend you check that out.

Special Mentions

Nokia XR20: Life-proof and for the long run

A quality ad that highlights the durability of the Nokia XR20 and nothing more. I really like this ad because Nokia Mobile decided to highlight one thing and stick with it. I love the camera design of this device too. I was really hoping they would continue that design aesthetic.

Nokia phones design – Quality & craftsmanship

This ad was released back in 2017 with Raun Forsyth leading the design team. It is rather an Applesque ad than Nokia, but at least we were able to see their design process before they go all-out with plastic and relied on some ODM in China for smartphones which never moved on from waterdrop notch and chin thicker than the combined top and bottom bezels of any Sony Xperia to ever exists.

Nokia 9 PureView – Design & Innovation

In this rather Applesque ad, Raun Forsyth explains his inspiration for the Nokia 9 PureView’s design, appearing interchangeably with Juho Sarvikas who also explains the unique camera setup and talks about partners such as Adobe. 

Man on the Street ft. #NokiaG4005G – New York Edition

The latest ad from Nokia Mobile is called “Man on the Street” for the Nokia G400 5G. This is one of those classic Nokia ads where we have like a host roaming around a big city, in this case, New York City, and interviewing random people about the brand and presenting them the products to see and react to.

I think it works well here, although I’m not sure if these people were actors or real pedestrians. This is also an indication that Nokia Mobile is trying to strengthen its presence in the US market. Well done on this one. 

The new Nokia 7 Plus with Android One

The crowd favorite, Nokia 7 Plus, also has a name on this list. This advert features the intricate 6-layer paint-coating process on the solid aluminum body of the device (which was later found to be inadequate), the dual ZEISS cameras, and Android One. In this ad, we also hear Nokia calling “Bothie” “Dual-Sight”, the name we still have to this day. 

The New Nokia 6 with Android One

Remember the time when Nokia Mobile designs its own phone? Oh, you don’t? Okay. This ad is all about the pride of Nokia’s design and engineering team. Crafted from a single solid block of 6000 series aluminum, the Nokia 6.1 is arguably one of the most well-built Android Nokia devices to date.

New Nokia X100 – A complete entertainment experience

I’m here for the song. If anyone knows what the title is, please let me know. Shame that I always have to go through rabbit holes to find every song in Nokia adverts.

Overall, this is a chill ad with some stock footage at play. It is still a very Nokia ad though, mostly because of the pacing and the way the music is used to reveal the device and some of its highlight features. I just have to know the title of the song.

Powerful sound, portable size, sustainable design

A short quality ad, not about a smartphone but about a Nokia Bluetooth speaker, which features really great music Shazam can’t recognize. And now you find yourself rewatching the ad over and over again – because why not? If anyone can find the song, let me know because it is keeping me up at night in cold sweats. I guess not that overdramatic, but you get the point.