Legal use of mobile phones on airplanes soon. Data transfer speeds over 100 mbps?

One of the most annoying things about using cell phones since they’ve been introduced has been having to turn them off while flying. There were a few who respected it, since at lower altitudes, i.e. during take-offs and landings, the signal would already be available.

Also, some airlines provided services over WiFi during the flight and offered their own data transmission, using the connection between the plane and the satellites, but it was quite expensive and often too slow that it was unusable.

However, it seems that these difficulties have finally come to an end, since the EU and the UK have proposed a special 5G spectrum, which would provide passengers with use of the Internet, with speeds of over 100 mbps, as the BBC reports. EU member states have been given a deadline of June 30 to offer operators spectrum for this service, no details are mentioned. So, it’s still unclear how the whole thing will be implemented and how long we’ll have to wait.