Unboxing of Nokia Go Earbuds²+

Nokia Mobile announced new affordable earbuds fully named Nokia Go Earbuds²+(TWS-122) together with its most affordable smartphone lineup at MWC2022. These earbuds are bringing 24 hours of playtime in a small practical charging case and a peculiar design.

The earbuds are pretty light with just 4.3 grams per bud and the case weighs just 48g. The buds have a 40 mAh battery and the case adds 300 mAh more which should be enough for a day of calls and audio playing.

Nokia Mobile has sent us TWS-122 in black colour, but they are also available in white. The price is set at €39 ($44, ₹3265 in India and £35.9 in the UK) which seems like an attractive price for a pair of buds.

The box is pretty simple, with an appealing Nokia logo and a photo of the buds on the front. The charging case is presented simply upon the removal of the cover, and next to it is a short USB-a to USB-c cable and user manual which you can check to study the controls.

The case is made of polycarbonate and in matt finish. There is a LED notification light that signifies the battery charge and if the buds are on. The charging port is at the bottom, and the case doesn’t have flat surfaces so it won’t stand by itself when opened. However, there is a stopper added in the top cover which keeps it fixed when opened so you can take both buds with ease out of the charging case.

The buds themselves are also made of black (or white) polycarbonate but with a glossy finish of the ear part. The earpiece is designed strangely but it fits the ear lobe comfortably. There aren’t any tips provided, but the buds won’t be falling off even when running.

Nokia Go Earbuds²+ are quite easy to set up on your mobile phone. They connect over BT 5.2 protocol which means that the connection is stable. I used them briefly and noticed that Nokia Mobile improved controls and control sounds. One press of the touch-sensitive part is pause/play, two presses on the right bud to increase the volume (on the left reduces it) and with three presses you skip the song. The sound that marks the press doesn’t stop the music as opposed to BH-805.

I like the idea of using just one bud for calls while the other one can be turned off. This way you should be able to use them more for calls on a single charge.

These are not noise-cancelling buds, but Nokia Mobile is promising clear calls since the buds feature environmental noise cancelling. However, the sound quality could be better. Go earbuds have a 10mm driver but the bass tones are missing, while the mids are too pronounced. The power of the drivers is great though.

Although I love the design of the first pill-shaped Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, the newer design is more practical and better for carrying around. Also, the new buds are becoming better and better in regard to the connection quality. Nokia Mobile made some really good earbuds, but I hoped that lower end buds would also be coming with better sound quality.

I’ll check them for a few more days before the final judgement.