Nokia XR20 | Everything you need to know (video)

Nokia XR20
Nokia XR20

The Nokia XR20 is one of the most refreshing releases from Nokia Mobile these year. At a glance, it looks like a Nokia X20 that went to the gym, and it almost is. The first rugged smartphone from the brand has plenty of features to offer those who want a phone that can survive the apocalypse (or children, whichever comes first). Here is our in-depth unboxing and impressions video covering the most important aspects of the XR20, including the camera interface and samples straight from the phone.


We’ve already seen SuomiMobiili do a Finnish stress test, then our very own Croatian beachgoer and microbiologist on the side Marin do the Croatian stress test. If you can help me come up with a Middle Eastern stress test, that would be really nice! 😀

p.s, if there are any Arabic speakers amongst our audience, I’ve also created an Arabic version of the video which you can watch here: