Nokia E7 (Video) | What form factors should be revived?

Nokia E7. Hardware that can make you swoon.

In this episode of nostalgia, we take a closer look at the Nokia E7; a beautiful touchscreen device with a full QWERTY keyboard hidden under the display. The only spiritual successor to the communicators of old. The video covers the quirks, features, software, and issues that the E7 faced back in 2011 when it came out. Have a look:

I personally had a very soft spot for the E series. They weren’t always the most feature-packed as that honor goes to the N series, but they always had the best designs and the most quirky form factors. From the incredible E70 and its swiveling hidden keyboard to the super sleek stainless steel E66, and finally to the E7… Always so Elegant. The one that got away from me was the E90, which was beyond cool.

Speaking of form factors, if you were given the choice to revive a form factor into the modern world, which one would you go for? Having used the E7 for the video, even though I used to adore nice QWERTY, I actually felt strange having to type on one. I’m so used to tapping on glass, it felt funny taping on actual keys on such a small form factor. Funny how our brain works. However, I think we could do with a sliding gamepad mechanism, something similar to the Xperia play from back in the day. What would you want to see? Let’s discuss in the comments!