Photos: Nokia Pro True Wireless (P3802a) earphones unboxing and comparison with Essential True Wireless earphones (Nokibar Baidu)

Nokia recently entered into a brand partnership with RichGo to delivery Nokia-branded headphones for the Chinese market. The high end model of that partnership is the Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802a) that got a silent announcement by appearing on the official website and is available for purchase in China.

On the Nokibar forum on Baidu user Faye posted photos of the unboxing of Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones, together with some comparison shots with the Essential True Wireless earphones, that are also a fruit of RichGo’s and Nokia’s partnership in China.

The headphones do look nice and you can check more details about them on Nokia’s official site. For the international market, Nokia Mobile is the one pushing headphones to the market with the latest Nokia Essential True Wireless and Nokia Essential Headphones. We also have the Nokia Power Earbuds and Power Earbuds Lite. I’m personally increasingly confused with these headphones and I’m also a bit disappointed that Nokia Mobile is distancing itself from the award winning design of Nokia True Wireless Earbuds.

If you want to check more photos of the new P3082A headphones, you can find it on Nokibar forum.