Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Features Explored (video review)

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite

Nokia’s smartphone brand is desperately missing accessories, but the guys in Nokia Mobile changed its strategy and finally started bringing the essential accessories to the game. Nokia True Wireless Earbuds were the first to show up, but new ones came a year later in a more compact box, which unfortunately were not present at many markets. Nokia mobile recently launched a Lite version of the Power Earbuds, with an even smaller charging case, which should be more present in the market. These things are much better than I expected. In this video, I unbox the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite and talk about some of their features, as well as show you their design.

You can check the video below:

Here are some of my observations from using them for the past few days:

  • The earbuds are quite light and feel very comfortable in the ears. They don’t block all background noise but they do a decent job.
  • The biggest surprise for me was the sound quality. They have graphene membranes for audio and I can vouch for their quality, especially compared to the Nokia Pro Wireless earphones which I’ve been using for a while.
  • Their charging case is made out of matte plastic, and it feels quite solid. The charcoal version that I have will show scratches more than the Fjord or white versions also available
  • I prefer these to the non Lite version because the case is lighter and smaller, so its easier to fit in your pocket
  • Touch controls work quite well but do need time to get used to, especially the double tap for volume up or down
  • They are very quick to sync and resync. I switched Bluetooth off by mistake while they were connected and it took them less than 2 seconds to reconnect. I was very impressed.

For the full review, you can check out very extensive and super detailed review here, in a much better Fjord color!:

Review of Nokia Power Earbuds Lite (BH-405)


Anyway, what do you think of these earbuds? Have you tried them or is this something you would consider? Let’s discuss!