Nokia reportedly close to stopping working with BSNL due to unpaid dues

The situation around Indian national operator BSNL has been reported a few times, with the operator first being in financial troubles to pay its network partners and later that the operator managed to find an arrangement with partners that should keep everyone happy. Once again, we are back at the original story with a report bi ITHome being published online that Nokia is threatening to pull its services if BSNL doesn’t pay its dues.

The report from ITHome says that Nokia, that is responsible for maintaining 40% of BSNL’s infrastructure, didn’t receive payment for its services since March 2020 and that the company is ready to pull its services if no monthly installment is paid by September 2020, which would be by the end of this month (or potentially by the end of September).

India banned Huawei and ZTE from operating its networks, so Nokia and Ericsson are the only big vendors that operate on the network. Neither Nokia nor BSNL commented on this report yet.