Nokia showcasing its contributions to the Make in India program

Earlier, Nokia’s motive was “Connecting People”, but now it has changed to “Create the technology to connect the world”. Over the years, Nokia has adapted to the needs of an ever-changing world, and has positioned itself as a leader in the networking industry.

Nokia’s ever-widening portfolio offers network equipment (ranging from 2G to 5G), Cloud solutions, Datacenter infrastructure, Business support systems (BSS), and much more. Over 6.4 billion subscriptions are powered by Nokia’s radio networks globally.

To make its contributions towards the overall development of networking technology in its markets more visible, Nokia has now put on market-specific pages on its official site showcasing its commitments and achievements. One such market is India.

Beginning in India

Nokia’s networking presence dates back to early 2000 when it launched its 2G/GSM technology. Then came the 3G connectivity in 2011, 4G/LTE services in 2012, and now Nokia is preparing the Indian market for 5G. Nokia Solutions and Networks India, which is headquartered in Gurugram, now employs more than 15000 people in its project offices spread across 26 cities, making India its biggest country by number of employees.

Established in 2008, the Chennai factory is Nokia’s biggest production unit in the world, which also acts as a Global Security Operations Center and one of its Global Service Delivery Center, while the other one is in Noida. There’s also one Global R&D Center in Bengaluru.


Nokia was ranked as the number one overall Carrier Network vendor by V&D Top 100 in 2019. Surprisingly, every phone call in India touches a Nokia element somewhere in the call flow. That being said, about one-third of the total mobile subscribers in India are served by Nokia’s radio networks and 98% of the VoLTE calls are powered by Nokia’s IMS Core.

Make in India

As a part of the Make in India program, Nokia has committed the following:

  • Investment of more than ₹ 2200 crore (€251 million, US$294 million) in the Indian market over the years.
  • Investment of over ₹ 600 crore (€68 million, US$80 million) in the Chennai factory, making it the first Indian factory to start 5G New Radio production (2018). Accounting 50% of the whole production for exports.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities

Nokia has actively contributed to the solutions for global challenges to improve the overall lifestyle of the people by conducting CSR activities involving an investment of ₹ 100+ crore, such as:

  • Support for vulnerable children, their families, and communities in India through an integrated approach of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and a social protection framework. Nokia covered 350 villages and touched the lives of close to 1.1 million community members including 350,000 children.
  • Smartpur project for developing a digitally integrated village ecosystem in 100 villages where community members can use digital tools to bring efficiency to daily lives, transparency in governance, economic prosperity for households, and ease of access to various government services and information.