Bootloader unlock process simplified for Nokia 8

The 2017 flagship phone Nokia 8 remains the only device that can have its bootloader officially unlocked. In other words, Nokia Mobile provided a bootloader unlocking service only for the Nokia 8, though the company initially promised to “unlock” more device.

Previously, to unlock the bootloader of Nokia 8 you had to download an app to generate a token, a step that had quite a lot of reported issues, and then you had to submit it and wait for an unlock code via email. The simplified process includes just signing up on a website to get the code.


My optimistic interpretation of this move is that Nokia Mobile plans to offer the option to unlock the bootloader of your phone on more Nokia phones, but considering the bootloader unlock story is 3 years old, I wouldn’t put too much hope into it, but it would be a great move.

via: Techmesto

Thanks SirFaceFone for the tip. 🙂