One of the creators of PureView shares interesting insights on The Phone Show Chat podcast

Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP camera with ZEISS lens

Nokia has been known for a lot of inventions in the mobile space, with the camera segment being probably the most influential one in the modern times, considering smartphone photography capabilities are now the main selling points of smartphones.

On The Phones Show Chat podcast hosted by Steve Litchfield, also known for his camera reviews at AllAboutSymbian and AllAboutWindowsPhone sites, Juha Alakarhu was the guest. Juha is one of the people behind the PureView technology that was first announced with the Nokia 808 PureView, but Juha also worked on N-series devices announced years before.

In the conversation with Steve, Juha talked about his path in Nokia, Microsoft and after. Apart from phones, Juha also worked on the Nokia OZO VR camera and is currently working at Axon on cameras for law enforcement. Juha talked about how the idea of PureView was born, difference between today pixel-binning and oversampling and other challenges in mobile photography space like variable apertures on mobile, OIS, image processing, etc. He also revealed that he used quite a few phones after leaving Microsoft, including iPhones, Pixel phone and Samsung Galaxy S10+ as the current one. He is also regularly in contact with Eero Salmelin, one of the PureView team members, who now leads Huawei’s camera efforts, which explains a lot looking at Huawei’s rapid improvements in the photography space. The Nokia 9 PureView’s camera was also mentioned as an interesting approach and needed push in bringing innovation to the market.

Juha’s story was really interesting to listen to and I encourage you to check it out on the Phones Chat Show podcast here (link to full page, look for episode 560).