Nokia 3.2 starts getting May 2020 Security update in India!

Nokia 3.2

Some Nokia 3.2 units in India reportedly started receiving the security patch for the month of May. This is actually quite a surprise knowing that Nokia Mobile has rolled out the security patch for Nokia 3.2 for the month of April around 2 weeks ago, but on the other hand – it’s May 14th, so it is time for May updates.

However, unlike the previous update, this one comes in a very small size — only around 7MB. Of course, users shouldn’t expect some noticeable changes from their phone. This update is only for making sure that the phone is still secure to use for any of your mobile transactions against any security loopholes.

As of now, we don’t know which countries have received the security patch update, but if you own a Nokia 3.2 that has been notified for the update, please do tell us in the comments below. 🙂